Essay On Christmas

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Essay On Christmas
Essay On Christmas

Set 1: Essay On Christmas

Christmas is the most important festival for Christians. Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian faith, was born on 25 December. Therefore, this day is celebrated as ‘Christmas Day. Every year, the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on this day with great pomp and joy. Christmas is the same for the Christians what Diwali is for the Hindus and Idd for Muslims.

On the day of Christmas, Christians dress in colorful clothes. They wish β€˜Merry Christmas’ to their friends, relatives, and dear ones. They visit one another’s house to exchange good wishes. Christmas cards, gifts, cakes, and sweets are sent to friends and relatives. Great arrangements are made before Christmas. Houses and churches are cleaned and painted. The ceilings and walls of the houses and churches are decorated with colorful paper ribbons, flowers, balloons, wall streamers, etc.

All the Christians whether rich or poor, young or old celebrate Christmas in their own ways. The shopkeepers who sell Christmas cards and presents decorate their shops to attract customers.

Christmas tree is beautified with small colorful electric bulbs and other tiny pieces of decoration like dazzling plastic stars, bells, bells, fairies, etc. At night, candles are lighted. The Christmas tree looks very bright and beautiful. This adds a typical festive mood to the occasion.

People visit the church to pray to God that they may lead a happy and prosperous life. Delicious dishes are cooked and served. Christmas pudding and plum cakes are prepared. People prepare the best food to offer to their guests on that day. After, the feast overall takes part in music. They dance and sing at night.

It is a great day also for the children. They sing the carol in chorus to remember Jesus’s birth. They eagerly look for Santa Claus or the Christmas Father who is supposed to appear to distribute gifts to the children on the day. Santa Claus in red and white dress having long white bear carries a bag full of presents for the children.

Christians all over the world enthusiastically celebrate this festival. In the days of British rule, all the schools and colleges were closed for two weeks before the festival. Today, Christmas is not only enjoyed and celebrated by the Christians but also by other communities. They celebrate not as a religious belief, but as a joyful event.

Set 2: Essay On Christmas

Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the world. It is related to Jesus Christ. The Prophet, Jesus Christ was born on the 25th of December. He was a kindhearted person and a great supporter of downtrodden and poor people. He is also called the Son of God. It is believed that God sent him to save the people from sin and misery. He is famously known as Esa Masiha (one who gives life to the dead).

Great preparations are made on this occasion. All houses and churches are whitewashed. They are decorated with buntings, flowers, and paper lanterns. The shopkeepers load their shops with cakes and pastries, clothes, gift articles, etc to attract people. They are decorated in a beautiful manner.

The Christians plant a Christmas tree on this day. Or they cut a branch of the tree and plant it in a corner of their house. Then they decorate this tree with balloons, toys, lamps, and flowers. The festival starts with prayers in praise of Jesus Christ followed by carols. Guests and friends also join them. Special Christmas gifts and greetings are presented to each other. Then the people hold a feast. The whole area or town is illuminated with lights and lamps. Plays related to Jesus’ life are organized. Long processions of his statue or photograph are conducted. People dance and sing. At night gifts like chocolates, toys, sweets are kept at the bedside of the children. They are told that these gifts are distributed by the pretty old man, Santa Claus. Children look forward to this occasion.

Christmas is the festival of reunion and meeting each other. Our President and Prime Minister take this opportunity to send their best wishes to the Christian community. This festival teaches us to live a noble life of prayers, love, and sacrifice. It spreads the message of adoration, peace, and goodwill throughout the world.

Essay On Christmas


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