Essay On Delhi Metro Rail

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Essay On Delhi Metro Rail

Before some time, people in the national capital Delhi used to curse the public transport system. Badly behaved, irresponsible and rash bus drivers, showing no sign of courtesy even to the women and elders, made traveling a painfully and scary task.

It was difficult to tell whether the bus would stop to pick up the waiting passengers and whether it would reach the destination on time. Usual fear of long traffic jams owing to processions, the overall condition of the buses with torn and uncomfortable seats, over-crowding inside and the rattling sound of the engine forced people to desire for an alternative transport system.

The physical construction work on the Delhi Metro Rail started on 1st October 1998. The first line of the Delhi Metro Rail was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, on 24th December 2002. With the arrival of metro rail, traveling within the city became noiseless, joyful, exciting, fast, dust free and completely dependable. There is no fear of being late to work or clothes getting dirty while travelling.

One can travel in the comfort of air-conditioned coaches, while the information about the stops is continuously communicated on intercom. While on the move in metro, one can enjoy the outside view making lives comfortable and satisfying.

Travelling in Delhi Metro is of great pride. It has improved the health of people by making traveling stress free and fast. This new system of train transportation called Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) was started in collaboration with Japan. With the completion of Phase I, Phase II and the beginning of operations on Phase III, the Delhi Metro network comprises six lines plus the Airport Express line, serving 140 metro stations with 6 more stations on the Airport Express line, for a total of 146. It operates on a total route length of 193 kilometres.

The cities of New Delhi, Old Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida and Faridabad are served by this metro system. Delhi Metro is the world’s 13th largest metro system in terms of length and a member of Nova Group of Metros. Moreover, it is India’s 3rd urban rapid transportation system, after the Kolkata Metro and Chennai’s Mass Rapid Transit System. It is India’s 1st modern rapid transit system too.

The popularity of this great blessing can be known from the fact that it provides commutation to more than half a million passengers daily. Its completion and acceptance by people make India proud. Moreover, it shows that India is capable of achieving great feats.

Essay On Delhi Metro Rail


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