Essay On My Best Friend

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Essay On My Best Friend
Essay On My Best Friend

Essay On My Best Friend 400 Words

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’

A friend is one who stands behind you and helps you in the course of tough situations. Human beings are social animals. We need a true friend with whom we can share all secrets, joys, sorrows, and thoughts. Generally, we do not make friends with everybody we meet in our life. It gets established after we start understanding each other, their likes and dislikes. A person who is faithful, sincere, loving, and ready to sacrifice for a friend is a true friend. We have heard about many mythological stories of true friendship. Krishna and Sudama, Ram and Sugreev, Karna and Duryodhana are just to name a few.

I am lucky enough to have a true friend like Ashok. He is my classmate. Both of us are always together. Our families shifted to this town approximately 10 to 12 years back. We have been friends since then. Ashok’s father is a school teacher and my father works in a bank. Ashok’s father helped us a lot while getting admitted to the school.

We are in class 7th. Ashok is very sincere and studious. He is very hardworking and so all the teachers speak high about him. He always is very attentive in class. He has very good handwriting. He always strives hard to secure the highest marks in the examination. Not only this, he is equally good in games. He is the caption of our school football team. He obeys and respects the elders. So he is equally famous amongst the teachers and the students.

He is very punctual. He likes to wear a clean and well-maintained uniform with polished shoes. We always sit together in the class. We solve the difficulties in science and maths jointly. He is very good at science. So he helps me with science lessons and practicals. In turn, I help him in improving his English. We mini participate in almost all the cultural programs of the school. In the evening we enjoy playing various games. During the recent illness of my father, he used to regularly visit the hospital and extend every possible help.

I am proud of my friend. I value his friendship. May God bless our friendship and it last forever.

Essay On My Best Friend


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