Essay On My Favourite Month

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Essay On My Favourite Month

May is the month that I like most in the year. I always look forward to the month of May. In May we can relax and enjoy our holidays. We are then free from our studies because schools are closed for the summer vacation. It is a great relief to be free from one’s studies for a whole month.

In the month of May we have plenty of leisure. This leisure must be rightly used. We can use our leisure to pursue our hobbies. We can go for long walks in the early morning and in the evening.

Fruits ripen in May. The best fruit we can enjoy in May is Mango. Apart from mango we enjoy juicy fruits like muskmelon, watermelon, grapes and more. We enjoy with sugarcane.

May, appears attractive when we get an opportunity to go on a summer holiday either to the sea-side or to the hills. At the sea-side we can go swimming and collect all kinds of lovely shells. At a hill-station we enjoy the cool climate and the beautiful natural scenery. May is without any doubt the month I like most in the year.

Essay On My Favourite Month


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