Essay On My First Day in School

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Essay On My First Day in School
Essay On My First Day in School

Essay On My First Day in School 400 Words

Apart from birthdays and festivals, there are certain memorable days in our life which we can never forget. Going to school for the first time is a thrilling experience for any child. One can never forget this occasion and its impression lasts forever.

I am a student of the 6th standard. But I still remember my first day in school. My sister who is 4 years elder to me, was a student of Sharada Mandir. My parents decided to enroll my name in the same school. I was admitted to the

My school at the age of 5 years. | still remember that day. It was a rainy day. My mother woke me up early in the morning. I had a bath and got ready for school. I had milk and bread for breakfast. I wore the school uniform. I was very excited when I saw new shoes, a schoolbag, and all other accessories. My father drove my sister and me to

school. The school had a big and beautiful three-storeyed building. A watchman in khaki uniform was standing at the main gate. My father parked the car near the main gate and we all entered the school. My sister went to her classroom. My father took me to the Principal’s office. Many children along with their parents were standing in front of the office.

The Principal serially called out the children and then signed their admission form. I was admitted to the first standard. My classroom was on the ground floor, When į entered the classroom, I saw 20 to 25 students present there. I also saw Sudha’s sister in the classroom. Sudha is my sister’s friend. She welcomed me. My class teacher asked me to take a seat in the first row. After two hours we had our recess. We all closed our schoolbags and came out.

My sister was waiting for me outside the classroom. Both of us finished our tiffins. After that, we played for some time and went back to our respective classrooms. Our class teacher told us about the rules and regulations that we need to follow in the school. Then she gave us the list of books, asked us to learn the tables. She also asked me to recite a poem. She congratulated me for reciting it correctly.

The school got over at 12.30 p.m. My sister came to pick me up. She carried me to the main gate where our mother was waiting for us. All three of us took a rickshaw and came back home. I feel very happy and pleased when I remember my first day of school.

Essay On My First Day in School 500 Words

School is regarded as a temple of learning. It is also considered as a training institution for future good citizens. Unfortunately, not all children are lucky to go to school. A school is a training ground for the child. The child builds new relations, meets boys and girls of different natures, and forms new thoughts and habits. The right kind of school is of great importance because a school prepares the child for taking up different challenges in life.

My parents had enrolled me in a local school at the age of five. The memory of my first day in school is still fresh in my mind. It was a big school. It had six floors. There were thirty classes in my school. In all, there were thirty-three teachers and four sirs. There was a separate room for the Principal. He was a very strict person. The school had a compound where we played during thirty minutes recess. There was a big ground behind the school. However, we were not allowed to go there.

One day my parents took me to the Principal’s room and got me admitted to the school. I was very afraid of seeing the big white beard of the Principal. He asked me my name, my age, and some other small questions. I answered them nervously. Later after having some talks with my parents, he gave me a small packet of candies and asked me to distribute them among my classmates after school reopened next month.

In the next twenty days, the school reopened. As it was my very first day, I went crying to the school. I felt very bad leaving my parents. I entered the class and sat on the first bench. My class teacher entered the class. She seemed very kind. She treated me very well. In the beginning, I felt a bit nervous in the new atmosphere. Children looked at me surprisingly and smiled. Maybe because I was little fat and tall than them. That day I got my first lesson in English alphabets and Maths digits.

The bell for recess rang. Children rushed out of the classroom. Some of them gathered around me as if they were watching some strange creature. They started laughing at me and made fun of me. I felt very bad. However, a few children felt sad for the trouble caused to me by other children in the class. Some came forward to support me. This was something very new for me.

The final bell rangat two o’clock in the afternoon. All the children were overjoyed. Even I was happy that the first day got ended. I picked up my bag and water bottle and hurried back to my home.


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