Essay on Obedience

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Essay on Obedience: Obedience means obeying orders happily. This is one aspect of duty. Disobedience to elders is a dereliction of duty. It is the sacred duty of every boy and girl to obey their parents, teachers, and elders happily. If they do not do this, they are considered the faults of clumsiness or arrogance.

Essay on Obedience

Essay on Obedience

Being obedient is what you are told by elders to be. It is a kind of habit followed by an obedient and well-trained person. Obedience includes obedience to one’s parents, elders, and teachers. Among many things, obedience is one of the toughest things that a child has to learn. Many problems arise if we do not learn to be obedient people. Obedience is an important quality that every cultured person should possess.

Obedience is a type of co-operation and is taught by parents and elders at home as well as by teachers at school. Obedience is expected from students to their teachers and children to their parents. It is expected from servants to their masters, soldiers to their seniors, and citizens to their Government. Obedience is also expected from a devotee to God.

It is our duty to obey our parents, elders, and teachers. We should always do what they tell us to do. All that we have is given to us by them. Thus, obedience is a very simple way of showing our thankfulness towards them. Being grown-ups and having knowledge of the world, our elders are in the best spot to form better judgments for us. Therefore, not only is it the duty of a child to obey his parents but also follow and remember their instructions with great respect and attention.

Parents are the best well-wishers of their children. From their experience, they know what is good for their children. They would never be mean. For the sake of the well-being of the children, elders insist on obedience. Obedient children grow into fine adults. They are not only loved by their parents and relatives but also by others around them.

a There cannot be a better story than β€˜Casablanca on the Deck’. Father had asked his son not to leave the deck until he returned. The ship was on fire and the father was dead. Sailors asked Casablanca to leave the deck and escape for life. The boy did not leave, because his father had asked him not to. The outcome of the boy could be imagined. Casablanca has become immortal because he obeyed his father.

Obedience, just like charity must begin at home. Parents and elders have a responsibility in bringing up children to be obedient and loving. Unless one knows the value of obedience, he cannot become obedient. We all must practice obedience.

Essay on Obedience
Essay on Obedience


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