Essay On Our Capital Mumbai

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Essay On Our Capital Mumabi
Essay On Our Capital Mumbai

Essay On Our Capital Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. Apart from this, Mumbai is also famous as the financial capital of India. Every day the share market and the business that flourishes here make a turnover of millions of rupees.

Mumbai was originally a small cluster of seven islands. The British, who ruled India for almost 150 years, understood the thew importance of these islands. They developed this city and yam established it as their capital. Its name ‘Mumbai’ originated from the name of the local goddess Mumbradevi. Mumbai, being a port is very important for international trading. Therefore, a large number of businesses were established and developed at a great pace. Mumbai was a major center during our independence movement also.

The city consists of all kinds of businesses. This being a capital city, all the divisional and sub-divisional government offices are situated here. The main office of the share market of India is al also situated here. Mumbai High is the center for the production of natural gas and oil. The Bhabha Atomic Research Center is situated in Tarapur, a suburb of Mumbai.

Mumbai is also one of the main educational centers of India. Education in all disciplines can be pursued here. The city houses a number of Social Service institutions. Mumbai is also famous for its film industry. Bollywood and the films made here are famous worldwide. Mumbai has gifted us with many divine personalities. A great singer like Lata Mangeshkar, the one and only Sachin Tendulkar, the eminent writer Pu. La. Deshpande are just to name a few.

All the suburbs of Mumbai are well connected by local train service and bus service. The magnificent building of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus has been announced as a world heritage building. The International airport- Sahara is situated here.

There are thousands of job opportunities available in Mumbai. So people from all over the country come to Mumbai in search of jobs or to make their careers. Mumbai never keeps one jobless or hungry. But the population of the city has increased many folds because of this. This has given way to an increase in the percentage of crimes. We the citizens and the government should try our level best to eradicate this evil from the city.

I love this city very much.

Essay On Our Capital Mumbai


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