Essay on The Elephant

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Elephant Essay
Essay on The Elephant

Set 1: Essay on The Elephant

The elephant is the largest and the strongest living terrestrial animal on the earth. It has thick legs and huge sides. It possesses a small tail and large ears. Its eyes are small. It has great white tusks and a long nose called ‘trunk”.

The African elephant and the Asian elephants are two types of elephants. Male African elephants can reach a height of 13 feet and weigh 7,000 kilograms. African elephants look brown or reddish after they roll themselves in water and mud. They have larger ears, back curving in, wrinkled skin, a sloping belly, and two finger-like structures at the tip of the trunk. On the other hand, Asian elephants have smaller ears, a level back, smoother skin, and one extension at the tip of the trunk. In general, African elephants are larger than their Asian cousins are.

The elephants pick their food with the help of the trunk and put it into their mouths. They eat only plants and other green stuff. Their skin is generally very tough. They usually have grey skin. Some have white. In Africa, elephants are hunted for their tusks. Their tusks are made of ivory and are very precious.

When elephants are trapped, they are tamed by men. The elephants are captured when they are 10 to 20 years old. During these years, they can be trained quickly and easily. Such elephants have a longer working life. Trapping elephants are dangerous and tough work. They become serious enemies when they are attacked.

as Asian elephants perform tasks such as transportation of loads into distant areas, moving logs into trucks, carrying tourists around national parks, pulling carriages, and leading religious processions. Elephants are very clever animals. It is believed that they can be trained to react over thirty commands.

In historic times, elephants plaid an important role in wars. They were equipped with shields to protect their sides. Their tusks were given sharp points of iron or brass if they were large enough. War elephants were trained to hold enemies and throw them at the person riding on them.

To conclude, although the walk of an elephant appears very clumsy and heavy, it can move very quickly when it wants. Elephants live in herds and forests. They prefer to stay near water. Elephants can live up to 70 years. During their life, they communicate by touch, sight, different smells, and sounds.

Essay on The Elephant
Essay on The Elephant

Set 2: Essay on The Elephant

There are many kinds of animals in this world. But the strongest amongst them is an elephant. It is a massive, herbivorous animal. It has a long trunk instead of a nose. This trunk helps him in eating and drinking. With it, an elephant can lift heavy logs of wood.

The lower part of its feet is very soft so it gets injured if it walks on a rough surface. So, elephants always prefer to walk on smooth or sandy surfaces. Elephants can walk faster than us. So it is very difficult to run away if it attacks you. Elephants usually move in herds. They are very protective of their young ones. They are mainly found in Africa and Asia. An elephant is said to be a very intelligent animal.

A unique method is applied for hunting elephants. A big pit, almost the size of an elephant is dug up on the way from where the herd usually passes. It is covered completely with grass, leaves, and branches. While passing by, one of the elephants may fall in this pit. Then with the help of ropes and sticks, it is taken out.

In ancient times elephants were used for hunting as well as during battles. The tradition of involving elephants in various celebrations still continues in southern parts of India. Elephants are also the main attraction of a circus. They perform many tricks in the circus. They can be tamed and are trained to work hard to carry heavy loads. An elephant’s tooth is called ivory. It is very precious. It is used to prepare ornaments and decorative articles. Kings used to decorate their thrones with ivory carvings. But elephants are being killed voraciously for the sake of ivory. This trend is very bad and we must protect this clever animal.


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