Essay On Wikipedia

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Essay On Wikipedia
Essay On Wikipedia

Essay On Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia available on the World Wide Web. It is a vast treasure of knowledge. It is a website, which allows its users to make changes to it. Thus, it is a book of massive knowledge and information that keeps on improving as time passes. Millions of dedicated, educated, and intelligent people around the world share their knowledge willingly by contributing for the benefit of others.

Jimmy Donal Wales is one of the creators of Wikipedia. Wikipedia contains information in the form of articles on thousands of topics on different subjects. Pictures, tables, and diagrams make the article easy to understand.

The most interesting feature of Wikipedia is the way in which it is created or written. Articles are not written by professional writers. Those people, who want to add on their own free will, can contribute information on Wikipedia. Sometimes as the volunteer is not an expert over the topic or does not know much about a topic, information may be misguiding and incorrect. However, as soon as the article is read by others, they are free to make necessary changes or add more information. These changes are red by others. If they find it necessary, they can again make changes. Each article on Wikipedia is written and corrected by several people. This helps in making the article error-free.

Some people remove or falsely alter correct information from the articles. Thus, no one can make changes in the main page and in some other pages of Wikipedia.

According to the policy followed by Wikipedia, the users cannot send their stories, poems, original opinions or ideas, research on Wikipedia. The user has the facility of requesting articles that are not available. Such articles can be created with the help of other readers. Wikipedia has an article about Wikipedia itself. Special features of Wikipedia are mentioned in the article.



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