Essay On World Of Advertisement

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Essay On  World Of  Advertisement
Essay On World Of Advertisement

Essay On World Of Advertisement

Today’s world is a world of advertisements. Advertisements serve a great purpose. They promote sales, increase business and profits as nothing else can do. They catch the eyes, hearts, and minds of the viewers and turn them into instant buyers. It can turn a general item into an extraordinary one. With the spread and promotion of consumer culture, the bombarding of advertisements began.

We see that there is great competition now in every field of life. Because of the fierce competition every producer wants to sell his products and gain maximum profit. Businessmen seek the help of advertisements to increase their sales and earn more profit there is no advertisement people will not know about various excellent products available in the market.

There are different ways to popularize products. Advertisements are given in newspapers, periodicals, and on radio and television. Distributing pamphlets, writing slogans on walls and announcements are some other ways of advertising. The language used for advertisements is quite attractive.

The visuals are made in such a way that they immediately capture our mind Smart children, young girls, and attractive women are used for advertising the products. Advertisers also use various celebrities like film stars, sportsmen, etc to promote their products. To make advertisements lots of creativity and proper knowledge of the masses is needed

Sometimes the advertisers take advantage of the religious feelings of society. Many times it becomes difficult for us to take the correct decision due to aggressive advertisements. Many times we put our own health at risk by indulging ourselves in the fascination of these advertisements. Sometimes advertisements become the root cause of spoiling the image of others. Sometimes advertisements may even lead to communal riots.

Nowadays women are used to a large extent in advertisements, Though the world sounds glamorous, many times young girls and women are exploited. Abusive language and vulgar clothes are used. Such advertisements should be banned. Besides, the banners and posters stuck on the walls or in public places give a very bad impression of the city. The outlook behind advertisements should be healthy. In spite of all these problems advertisement has become a necessity and one cannot live without them.

Essay On World Of Advertisement


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