Essay on The Woodpecker

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Woodpecker Essay
Essay on The Woodpecker

Essay on The Woodpecker

The woodpecker is a bird that has a long, strong, and sharp bill. It uses its bill to make holes in the trees for finding the insects to eat. The long sticky tongues help it in taking hold of insects hidden deep within a hole of a tree. The tongue wraps around the prey before being pulled out. This is typical of birds that regularly feed on trunks.

Members of the woodpecker family are found almost all over the world. However, they are not found in Australia, New Zealand, and Madagascar. They are also not found in the Polar Regions. They are also absent from the oceanic islands of the world. However, most species of woodpecker live in forests or woodland habitats. A few species are known to live in treeless areas, such as rocky hillsides and deserts.

Generally, the woodpeckers are arboreal birds of wooded habitats. They reach their greatest variety in almost all suitable habitats. Their habitats include woodlands and bamboo forests. Even grasslands and deserts have been inhabited by their different types. A number of woodpeckers spend their time feeding on the ground. Certain species nest in holes in the ground.

The ground woodpecker is one such species. They inhabit rocky and grassy hills. Many woodpeckers stay in the same area throughout the year. Others travel great distances from their breeding lands. For example, the Eurasian wryneck breeds in Europe and west Asia migrate to Africa in the winter.

The smallest woodpecker weighs 7 grams and is 8 centimeters long. The largest woodpecker is about 58 centimeters long and over 600 grams. Most woodpeckers have white, black, brown, green, and red plumage. Many species show patches of red and yellow on their heads and bellies.

Woodpecker’s feet consist of four toes. The first and the fourth feet face backward. The second and third feet face forward. This foot arrangement is good for holding the branches and trunks of trees. They can walk upright on a tree trunk. This is helpful for activities such as hunting for food or digging the nest. In addition to their strong claws and feet, woodpeckers have short strong legs. The tails of all woodpeckers are stiffened. When the bird sits on a vertical surface the tail and feet work together to support it.

Today many species of woodpeckers are in danger. They are getting scarce due to the loss of habitat. It is believed that the ivory-billed woodpecker and the imperial woodpecker may have been extinct. However, there are some doubts with regard to it.

Essay on The Woodpecker
Essay on The Woodpecker


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