Essay on The Vulture

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Vulture Essay

Essay on The Vulture

The vulture is a large bird. It usually has no feathers on its head and neck. It eats the flesh of the animals that are already dead.

The vultures are classified into two groups. They are Old World vultures and New World vultures. The Old World vultures are found in Asia, Africa, and Europe. These vultures include eagles, kites, and hawks. There are sixteen types of Old World vultures. Lammergeyer, Egyptian Vulture, and Palm-nut Vulture are the three distinct types. The New World vultures are found in warm areas of America. There are different types of New World vultures, like a Black vulture, Turkey vulture, King vulture, Great yellow-headed vulture, etc.

Several vultures have a good sense of smell. They are able to smell dead animals from great heights, even up to a mile away. Vultures do not often attack healthy animals. They may kill the wounded or sick. Vast numbers of vultures are seen on battlefields. They gather in a deep narrow valley with steep sides when they see ample prey.

There is a bag-like part in their throat called ‘crop’. In this bag-like structure, the food is stored before it passes into the stomach. Until the crop bulges, it sits. It feels sleepy and lazy. Later the food passes to the stomach for digestion. These birds do not carry food to their young ones in their claws. They throw out the stored food from the crop.

The acid in the vulture’s stomach is very strong. It helps them, to digest safely the rotten leftovers of animals and sometimes men. New World vultures often vomit when they feel danger or find someone approaching them. They do not vomit on their attacker as a defense. They vomit to lighten their stomach load to make take-off easier. The vomited food distracts the enemy, allowing the bird to flee.

Since the early 1990s, vultures in India and Nepal have declined greatly. The Government of India has taken effective steps to protect them. However, it may take years for vultures to come back to their earlier population level.

Essay on The Vulture
Essay on The Vulture


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