Essay Topics – List of 500+ Essay Writing Topics and Ideas

If you’re looking for essay writing topics in English for school competitions, speeches, or events, you’ve come to the right place. This page provides a wide range of essay topics in both long and short forms for students of different classes. Whether you’re in class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1, you’ll find suitable topics for your essays here.


  1. The School Peon
  2. The Blind Beggar
  3. The Policeman
  4. The Life of a Soldier or Jawan
  5. A Day In the Life of a Nurse
  6. The Life of a Fisherman
  7. The Life of a Salesman
  8. The Ideal Teacher
  9. My Grandmother
  10. My Mother
  11. The Newspaper Boy
  12. My Uncle
  13. An Indian Farmer
  14. The Life of a Schoolmaster
  15. Mahatma Gandhi
  16. Mother Teresa
  17. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
  18. Shivaji Maharaj


  1. A Visit to an Exhibition
  2. A Visit to a Village Fair
  3. A Visit to a Place of Pilgrimage
  4. A Visit to a Hill Station
  5. A Visit of a Leader to Your Town
  6. A Visit to a Neighbouring Village
  7. A Visit to a Museum
  8. A Visit to a Public Library
  9. A Visit to a Flood-Affected Area
  10. A Visit to an Aerodrome
  11. A Visit to a Store
  12. A Visit to an Earthquake-Affected Area
  13. A Visit to a Battlefield
  14. A Visit to the Docks
  15. A Visit to a Circus
  16. A Visit to a Railway Station


  1. An Hour at a General Hospital
  2. An Hour in a Cloth Shop
  3. An Hour in a School Laboratory
  4. An Hour at a Polling Station
  5. An Hour at a Jeweller’s Shop
  6. An Hour at a Variety Entertainment Show


  1. The Dog-Man’s Best Friend
  2. My Pet Animals
  3. The Lion
  4. Our National Bird
  5. The Horse
  6. The Donkey
  7. The Elephant
  8. The Camel


  1. My Favourite Season
  2. My Favourite Festival
  3. My Favourite Bird
  4. My Favourite National Leader
  5. My Favourite Month
  6. My Favourite Book
  7. My Favourite Dream
  8. My Favourite Teacher
  9. My Favourite Hobby
  10. My Favourite Game
  11. My best friend
  12. The Post Office in my Town


  1. Our New House
  2. The Street in Which I Live
  3. Our Country (OR) My Native Land
  4. My School Laboratory
  5. Our School Playground
  6. My School


  1. Ganesh Chaturthi
  2. The “Makar Sankranti” Festival
  3. Our Republic Day
  4. Our Festival of Lights – Diwali
  5. The Festival of Holi
  6. Eid
  7. Christmas
  8. Onam
  9. Children’s Day
  10. Easter


  1. My Childhood
  2. My Last Day at School
  3. My School Magazine
  4. An Accident I Saw
  5. A Dream I had
  6. On Missing a Train (OR) An Unlucky Day
  7. A Day When Everything Went Wrong (OR) A Day of Accidents
  8. School Memories
  9. A Morning Walk
  10. My Birthday Party
  11. The Traffic hazards in my city
  12. My first day in school
  13. The Television (TV)
  14. Computers in today’s world
  15. The wonders of the e-mail
  16. The wonders of the modern Science SCENES
  17. A Tragic Accident


  1. A Prize Distribution Day at Our School
  2. A Morning Scene In a Village
  3. A House on Fire
  4. Scenes on the Bank of a River
  5. A City By Night
  6. A Cold Wave in the City
  7. Scenes During a Strike
  8. A Heavy Storm
  9. Floods (OR) The Horrors of Floods
  10. Famine
  11. Earthquakes
  12. A Rainy Day


  1. The Autobiography of an Old Book
  2. The Autobiography of a Gold Necklace
  3. The Autobiography of a Tiger in a Zoo
  4. The Autobiography of a Prisoner
  5. The Autobiography of an Old Horse
  6. The Autobiography of a Silk Sari
  7. The Autobiography of an Astronaut
  8. The Autobiography of a Motor Car
  9. The Autobiography of a Retired Sailor
  10. The Autobiography of a River
  11. The Autobiography of a Mirror
  12. The Autobiography of a School Clock
  13. The Autobiography of a Cricket Ball
  14. The Autobiography of an Aeroplane


  1. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
  2. Rome was not Built in a Day
  3. Mock not a Cobbler his Black Thumbs
  4. Slow and Steady Wins the Race
  5. Time is Money
  6. A Burnt Child Dreads the Fire
  7. Where There is a Will, There is a Way
  8. Example is better than precept
  9. Health is better than wealth
  10. Honesty is the best policy


  1. The Contributions of Science
  2. The Indian Villages of Tomorrow
  3. Habits
  4. Gambling
  5. The Uses of Electricity
  6. The Blessings of Peace
  7. The Horrors of War
  8. Advertisements
  9. We Live In Deeds not In Years
  10. The Profession I would like to Follow
  11. Would you Prefer Wisdom or Wealth
  12. Changing Fashions
  13. Is Science a Blessing or a Curse
  14. Patriotism and Nationalism
  15. The Importance of Newspapers
  16. If I were the Prime Minister of My Country
  17. Good Manners
  18. Cleanliness
  19. Superstitions
  20. The Importance of Trees
  21. Pollution
  22. Population
  23. Water must not be Wasted
  24. Time is Precious
  25. We must take great care of our environment
  26. We must necessarily eat vegetables
  27. Poverty
  28. Air pollution
  29. Water pollution.
  30. Noise Pollution.
  31. The India of my dreams