Essay On A Rail Accident

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Essay On A Rail Accident

India has the second largest network of Railways in the world. The accidents are also very Common the railway track.

Some accidents take place because of some mechanical failure, but most of them are the result of some human error. Last week I observed a horrible railway accident. It was because of an error committed by the station master.

It so happened that I was there at the station in the second class waiting hall. I had to catch a train which was late. So, I was leisurely looking here and there.

A goods train was standing at the platform No. 2. Suddenly, it got a jolt and the bogies rushed fast in one direction. At first, I was surprised to see this, as no engine was fastened to the goods train.

I alongwith a large number of other people at once ran towards the platform and what a horrible sight we saw! The station master had given a wrong signal to a fast moving mail train such that it had rammed headlong into the
stationary goods train.

The mail train virtually ran on the goods train. Its engine and two bogies were, as if riding the hind bogies of the goods learnt that the engine driver of the mail train had lost his train. About two hundred passengers were killed. Many more were injured.

The news of the accident spread like wild fire. The people rushed to the spot. The injured were taken to hospitals. All the passengers were provided with water, milk, food and medicines.

Some effective steps for the safety of railway passengers should be taken.

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Essay On A Rail Accident


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