Essay On The Autobiography of an Old Horse

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Essay On The Autobiography of an Old Horse

O passerby, as you cross this pasture, I should like to relate to you my life history. I was born in Arabia of a pure bred Arabian mare. I grew into a beautiful race-horse and lived happily in my home country.

One day, together with other horses, I was put in a ship and set sail for India. On landing, I was bought by a wealthy race-horse owner for five thousand rupees.

I was named Lightfoot. I was kept at the Mahalakshmi stables. I was well cared for and trained at Mahalakshmi. I have several trophies to my credit. I have won the Indian Derby and several other trophies. My master was very proud of me. I won a lot of money for him.

This glorious life could not last for ever. After serving him for about eight years, my strength began to give way. Once I fell down when running a race, My master decided that I had rendered enough service. So he decided I should go to grass. And so here you see me grazing peacefully and recalling with pride and joy my glorious past.

Essay On The Autobiography of an Old Horse


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