Essay On A Morning Scene In a Village

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Essay On A Morning Scene In a Village

A village comes to life as soon as the cock crows. Villagers have no alarm clock to wake them up. So they depend on the cock,

The villagers are busy people. They have to work hard. When the cock crows they have to be up and about. They get up and begin their day’s work. The women prepare tea for their husbands to drink before they set out for their fields. You will see blue smoke rising from the village huts.

The farmer hastily swallows his tea. He takes his pair of bullocks and with the plough on his shoulder he sets out for his field. We can hear the sound of bells around the necks of the bulls.

Many birds can be heard singing and welcoming the new day. They make sweet music along the village lanes. Cows and sheep can also be heard lowing and bleating.

Some farmers can be seen milking their cows. The women busy themselves preparing butter and churning the buttermilk. The cow dung is collected and patted into smooth round cakes. These cakes are put out into the sun to dry. These will later be used as fuel by the villagers.

Village girls and women make their way to the village well to get water and to wash their clothes and utensils.

The bells in the village temple can be heard ringing as people offer prayers and go through worship rituals. It is pleasant to look at the green fields and all the trees in a village. We enjoy all kinds of natural sights and sounds in the early hours of a morning at a village.

Essay On A Morning Scene In a Village
Essay On A Morning Scene In a Village


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