Essay On The Life of a Salesman

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Essay On The Life of a Salesman

Salesmen are commonly seen everywhere. They represent some company or the other. They go about from shop to shop or door to door to sell their goods or to book orders.

Most salesmen are smartly dressed. A salesman of a reputed company will wear a well-cut suit, with a matching tie, and his shoes will be well-polished. He will carry a leather brief-case in which he has samples of his goods, pamphlets and other things.

A salesman sets out early on his rounds. He patiently visits all the shops and tries to add to the list of his customers. He books a lot of orders. Some salesmen actually sell goods from door to door. A salesman of a pharmaceutical company usually carries samples of his company’s products with him. He gives these free samples to doctors so that they should recommend these medicines and tonics to their patients.

A salesman does a difficult job. He has to be up and about the whole day long. He has little time for rest. He meets all kinds of people. Some may be kind and others rude. He has to learn to put up with different kind of people. He must not lose his temper or shout at those who are unkind to him. He must be able to speak well and convince people that his products are the best. Then only will people buy his goods. He must have good health to bear the strain of travelling and being outdoors in all kinds of weather.

Most salesmen earn a good salary. They are well paid. Besides their monthly salary, they also get commission on sales. So the more they sell, the more money they can earn. The salesman’s life is a difficult but rewarding one.

Essay On The Life of a Salesman


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