Essay On Can the World Have Permanent Peace?

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Essay On Can the World Have Permanent Peace?

There is a great controversy going on in the world now-a-days about peace in the world. Some people believe that there can be permanent peace in the world. On the other hand some think that permanent peace is an impossibility. Let us examine these views critically.

There are some thinkers who believe that the world can have permanent peace, because science has developed to such an extent that the only alternative to peace is the total extinction of the world. As war will be suicidal to human race, there will not be any world war.

This view is based upon the sincere desire for living and letting others live. These people say that a man is a social being. Somehow or the other, leaders of the world will not commit the folly of leading the world towards destruction.

There are some thinkers who are of the opinion that in our world permanent peace is not possible. According to Professor C.E.M. Joad, our world has reached that stage, where even a single event may blaze the whole of it. The antagonistic attitude of the democratic world towards the communist block and vice versa resulted in the mad race of armaments. Various kinds of destructive weapons like atom bombs, hydrogen bombs and rockets are manufactured on such a wide scale that even rich countries have now no money left for useful, social and political works.

In the U.N.O., issues are discussed and voted on the basis of groupism. None cares for the honest, sincere and practical solution of the problem. Hence, it is foolish to think that there will be cessation of war. And if once there is a war, it will surely develop into a world war which means the destruction of the world.

If we think over these views seriously, we come to know that there is a particle truth in each of them and each view is one sided, as it is impossible to believe that balance of power will always remain with two antagonistic blocks. In the same way, it is also unbelievable that politicians of the world are so insane that an ordinary fighting between any two countries will lead to a world war. For example, in the case of Korea, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait, the situation was not allowed to take a serious turn, though it is also true that the division of the world into two camps is certainly not in the interest of permanent peace.

Essay On Can the World Have Permanent Peace?


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