Essay On A Visit To A Toy Store

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Essay On A Visit To A Toy Store

Essay On A Visit To A Toy Store

Just like books, toys are the best friends of children of my age. I have a great fascination to play with different toys, but of course, after I finish my daily schoolwork.

Final exams were over for three weeks. Now it was the time for the results. As I had worked hard throughout the year, I was quite confident about a good result. As expected, I was passed and promoted to standard fourth with flying colors. My parents were very proud and happy to see my good grades in all the subjects. Just like last two years, they promised me gifts. As I was fond of collecting and playing with different toys, I asked them to take me to a nearby toy store that was opened last week. They readily agreed. However, I had to control my excitement until the next morning.

That night until late hours, I could not sleep. I was very eager to visit the toy store. The next day, I woke up early and got myself ready without wasting any time. I was feeling very impatient to leave for the store with my parents. Finally, that moment came. My joy had no bounds.

As soon as I entered the store, I was astonished to see hundreds of toys on display. It was a big store. There were many salesmen to attend to the customers. One of the salesmen approached us and said in a soft voice, β€œGood morning, how may I help you?”

Firstly, I decided to find a soft toy for my favorite cartoon character ‘Popeye the sailor man’ The salesman led me to the counter that was filled with different kinds of colorful soft toys. I spotted my favorite character and was very happy to have it in my hands.

Next was the turn of a rechargeable radio control jeep, which my best friend Anthony had. Even I wanted to have the same toy, but of a different color. We went to the counter that was completely packed with small and big boxes of a large variety of battery-operated toys. In no time, the salesman removed a big box from some height. I was thrilled to see my favorite jeep that was packed inside the box. I selected the purple color. It had white bright headlights and red tail lamps. It even had three different sound effects.

Now it was time to have some educational board games. We went to the section of the store that was filled with hundreds of indoor games. I selected games called β€˜scrabble-the vocabulary builder’ and ‘monopoly’.

My wonderful thirty minutes visit to a toy store was just about to end. My parents were waiting for me near the cash counter. Daddy paid the bill and we happily came back home. I am very fortunate to have such loving parents.


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