Essay On Education of Woman and Her Position

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Essay On Education of Woman and Her Position

In the ancient days the position of woman was very high. They were held in great esteem. Most of them were very learned and intelligent. So some of them even attained the position of Rishis. There have been many Indian women who are still respected for their learning and culture. They are Sita, Draupadi, Apala and Gargi. But Muslim rule was ruinous to female education. The cause was the purdah system.

At present, the problem before the country is what type of education should be imparted to women. The subject is very controversial. Some of the very old and orthodox people are of the opinion that women should not receive any education for they are not to do office work.

On the other hand, there are people who say that women should receive education in the three ‘Rs’ only. Such people are against higher education to women. They think that the duties of women are confined to the four walls of the house and in such a condition they need not know more than the three ‘Rs’. The say that their literary knowledge should be such as will enable them to read books like the Ramayana or the Gita and to write letters etc.

The third category of persons are those who are in favour of female education. They say that in a democratic country everybody has equal rights. So women should also receive their due share in the field of education and culture. In this category, there are two types of persons. Some of them are in favour of educating the girls upto high school standard. In their opinion the importance of Algebra, Geometry, Geography, Economics etc. is not very great. They say that women should know the three ‘R’s, Home Science, Music, Dancing, Cooking, Sewing etc.

But there are other people in this category who are in favour of imparting education to women upto the university standard. They say why only boys should become lawyers, teacher, doctors, officers, etc. In their opinion happiness does not lie in the management of household affairs only but it lies in working according to ability and capacity.

At present our government is bent upon educating women. Every kind of facility is being provided. So far as their course of studies is concerned, stress should be given on Home Science, Nursing and Music. Thus the status of women will rise in the society.

Essay On Education of Woman and Her Position


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