Essay On Educational Value of Travelling

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Set 1: Essay On Educational Value of Travelling

Today, we have railways, de-luxe buses, metro-railways, steamers, ships, aeroplanes and many other means of travelling. Gone are the days of bullock carts and horsedriven carriages. Boats and horses as means of travelling have also become outdated. All modern means of transport have made travelling a luxury and a pleasure.

It is universally recognised that travelling has great educative value. Bookish knowledge does not lead us to the real destination. It is all theoretical and gives us only a sketchy picture of all the things. Travelling enables us to see things, people and places with our own eyes. Visual impressions remain in our mind for a long time, rather they are ever-lasting. Subjects like history, geography, economics and social sciences can be better learnt through travelling. It makes our knowledge about these subjects first-hand and real.

By travelling we come in contact with other people. We come to know about their habits, customs, costumes, traditions and ways of life. This promotes better understanding. It makes us broad-minded and our outlook is widened. We shed off our prejudices. Educational tours organized by schools and colleges create inter-state and international understanding, sympathy, well-being and goodwill. They cement the bonds of friendship among various states and countries. Thus, they sow the seeds of natural integration and international harmony.

Essay On Educational Value of Travelling

Set 2: Essay On Educational Value of Travelling

Travelling has been universally recognized to have great educational values. In Western advanced societies, education is considered incomplete without travelling. It has been a delightful experience of mankind from time immemorial. Going place to place and meeting various people have been enjoying for people.

Today, travelling has become all the more enjoying and comfortable. We have fast-moving trains, deluxe buses, metro-railways, luxury steamers, ships, aeroplanes and many other means of travelling. It does not take too much time in travelling a long distance. We do not have to suffer the severity of weather due to advanced means of transport communication.

Travelling is a powerful aid to education. It provides an experience of the world. By travelling we come in connectpeople of different caste, colour, creed and community to getfamiliarity with their tradition, culture, customs, has costumes and their style of living.

This helps in the better understanding. It sharpens our intellect and broaden us our outlook. Travelling offers us the first hand knowledge of things we shed off all our prejudices. It develops our person. The communication skills. Mere bookish knowledge to the development of all around personality. It givestheoretical knowledge. We get only the sketchy picture ofwhich is not complete.

By travelling we see people, places with our own eyes. Visual impression is this impression. It remains in our mind for a long time. Objects like history, geography and social sciences can better through travelling, it provides us first-hand knowledge about these things. Geography appears to be a dull and uninteresting subject if it is taught in the classroom. But when the Merits are taken to a trip to the Himalayan regions or Gangetic plansthe learning becomes interesting. Travelling turns this boring subject into a lively and absorbing one.

However, qualified a person may be, if he not undertaken travelling, his understanding is limited and outlook remains narrow. He is less accommodating in his comparison to those who have widely travelled. Ivey are liberal in their outlook. They have maturity of judgement.

Travelling promotes international understand the relations. It creates goodwill. It brings people closer. Increments our relations with various states and countries. The seeds of natural integration and international happy in the present day, world the understanding between various nations of the world are a great necessity. There can be no peace without international understanding. So, it should be made an integral part of our curricular.


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