Essay On Function Emphasising Moral Values In My School

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Essay On Function Emphasising Moral Values In My School

My school believes that moral values are very essential to assist the child to develop a complete positive approach towards education. It also helps in developing the personality of the child. Keeping this in mind, my school, Public Education English High School recently celebrated ‘Parents Day’ with a lot of enthusiasm.

The grand function began with a prayer dance in praise of Goddess Saraswati. It was followed by a lively and colorful welcome dance by students. Mrs Harshada, a retired school Principal and a wellknown child psychiatrist was invited as the guest of honours to grace the function. Our Principle accompanied her towards the stage.

The subject of the day portrayed significance of moral values at a tender age. This was shown through different colourful dances, skits, songs, etc. Students from class I performed a dance on good manners, respect and affection towards parents. They also performed a skit on cleanliness. Both the performances were well appreciated by the a
audience with a big round of applause.

Soon a skit ‘Save Plants Save Mother Earth’was enacted by the students of standard II. They also displayed the value of love and care for animals. This was followed by the theme Nationalism’. Children performed folk dances of different parts of India.

My school gives special emphasis on the physical fitness of the students by giving us training in martial arts to cop up with the challenges of life as we grow. This was displayed with ribbon dance, aerobics, etc. by students of class IV and V. They also performed a wonderful dance spreading the message that no other religion was bigger than love for humanity.

At the end of the show, all paid homage to Ramdas Swami and Sant Dnyaneshwar who were the great saints of Maharashtra. They were the scholarly men from whom we have learnt good values since olden times. Our Headmaster, Mr Lamba highlighted the achievements of the school during the academic year. He assured the parents that the school would continue to work in full spirit to uplift and encourage the students. Moreover, he also emphasized the importance of moral values at the school level particularly in today’s environment so that children grew as responsible citizens.

Essay On Function Emphasising Moral Values In My School


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