Essay On Role Of Family In Developing Child’s Personality

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Essay On Role Of Family In Developing Child’s Personality

Family values play an important part in the upbringing of the child. Family is regarded as one of the most important sources of influence on the personality an individual. Structure, atmosphere and relationship in family are the important aspects that shape the personality of the child.

The structure of family plays an important role in personality development of the child. Children coming from traditional families are better adjusted and disciplined. Traditional parents talk more with their children and take more interest in their different activities. Relation between parents and children are cohesive in such families and there is greater scope of socialization. Moreover, the child learns the importance of discipline.

Parental divorce leads many social, educational, financial and emotional problems for the child. They have to undergo various other problems. Such children lose self-confidence and they prefer to stay lonely. Children belonging to single parent family are at greater risk of parental to problems in their personal life when they grow. Children brought up only by mother are more likely to become simple parents, compared to children with both the parents.

The ability of the parents to create favourable environment, especially social and psychological affects the child’s personality development. The kind of work done by the parent also influences the development of the child. As care and love unites the family members, the child learns the importance of united living from an early age.

A feeling of helplessness is developed among the children of families, which feel the pressure of poverty. They may turn short-tempered, dejected, fearful and abusive. Children from underprivileged families may suffer many social and behavioural problems such as unhappiness, low self-esteem and self-confidence. They may also engage in antisocial activities.

In some families, social roles are very flexible. Cultural patterns and social roles played by other members in the family influences the development and personality of the growing child. Companionship exists among the siblings if there is trust among them. Aggressive sibling relationship creates effect in later social relationships. Parents with negative attitude, poor understanding, making difference among children and over-permissive nature can also adversely affect the child’s personality.

Essay On Role Of Family In Developing Child's Personality


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