Essay On A Scene At A Water Tap

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Essay On A Scene At A Water Tap

Water taps are installed by Municipal bodies in different parts of the town. They are for the convenience of the public. The supply of water through such taps is stopped for some time of the day. Therefore, there is a great rush during the water supply hours in morning and evening.

There is a municipal tap in our street. Early in the morning at around six, people gather around the tap to fetch water. Soon there is a long line of people carrying containers, buckets and vessels. Men and women stand in queues waiting for their turn. Until their turn comes, they have no work besides talking on different topics like politics, social issues and household matters. Some of them choose to sit near the tap before time. They do so because they fear that their turns will be used by others. To pass the time some men smoke or narrate some event of common interest.

Some people are in a grant hurry and want to draw water out of their turn. This is disliked by others leading to the exchange of bad words and quarrels. Some of them are very disrespectful and talk in abusive language. From such bad language, they may even start hitting each other. Some people standing nearby try to calm them while others enjoy such quarrels and encourage them.

Some women are seen sitting near the water tap, washing dirty clothes. Such a sight is irritating and filthy too. Stray animals come there to quench their thirst. Sometimes, the tap keeps on running for long. All have their turn and carry home their buckets filled with water. At noon, the supply of water is cut off. The place becomes lonely.

In municipal towns, arrangements are made for supplying water to the houses of the inhabitants. Most of the houses are fitted with municipal water taps. These taps are their private property and are used by the members of the house only. Houses that are without private taps have one or two taps in their lane. They are generally situated at the end or corner of the lane. They are common and meant for all who need them.

Besides men and women who come to the tap to get water, some anti-social men also visit the tap every morning and evening. They come there with bad intentions. They stand near the tap and run their mouth with cheap talks. They pass bad comments. Sometimes they behave with women and young girls in a very discourteous manner. People of my street try to keep such young men in check.

Thus, one can say that municipal taps are the means of creating fights between neighbours and problems to society.

Essay On A Scene At A Water Tap
Essay On A Scene At A Water Tap


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