Essay On A Visit To A Museum

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Essay On A Visit To A Museum
Essay On A Visit To A Museum

Set 1: Essay On A Visit To A Museum 300 Words

The museum is an informative and instructive place. It gives us knowledge about our glorious past. The antique objects related to arts, science, and history throw light on the ancient civilization. I visited the famous museum of Mumbai on my last vacation. I went there with my parents and my sister. The museum is huge and worth seeing. It is divided into many sections related to different subjects. Several unique items are kept neatly. The name and a short description of every item were also displayed.

The first section that we visited, housed excavated things from different parts of our country. There were many carvings, statues, ornaments, and huge pots. There were earthen and metallic statues of different gods and goddesses. I saw the old type of stove used for cooking food for the first time. The next section was related to weapons. Here all the ancient weapons were displayed. I saw a giant original bow and arrows here. It also included swords, war uniforms, shields, and different protective types of equipment. The royal costumes, their crowns, and paintings were displayed there.

Then we visited the historical section. It contained our ancient holy books like Ramayana and Mahabharata. These were the original copies written on leaves. Paintings from Ramayana and Mahabharata were also showcased here. There was a small section of old coins in one corner. I like a small model showing ancient mints and the process of making the coins. We also saw the Art and Craft gallery. It contained different artifacts and handicraft items. Different kinds of dresses, bags, metal arts, musical instruments were placed in this gallery, I got a lot of information about the musical instruments and their names.

Finally, there was a publication unit. It showcased the catalogs, guide books, research publications, and picture postcards of the items displayed in the museum. We bought some greetings. cards and a guidebook of Mumbai city. I liked this museum very much. It was really an entertaining and educational visit.

Set 2: Essay On A Visit to a Museum

Our class was taken last week to visit a museum. We went with our history teacher. It took us more than three hours to see all the things exhibited in the museum. There was a fine and rare collection of all kinds of things. We first saw all the weapons used by human beings from early times to the present day. We realized the progress man has made in inventing deadly weapons. There were stone implements, bows and arrows, swords, shields, suits of amour guns and cannon.

In another section of the museum there were various kinds of stuffed animals. They had been stuffed very skilfully. It looked as if these animals were alive and real.

Those interested in literature and art could see paintings, ancient and modern and manuscripts of famous books.

The skills and craftsmanship of human beings could be seen in the brass and metal work, pottery, wood-work etc.

We never knew how quickly time passed as we went round the museum. All the exhibits were very interesting. A visit to a museum can prove useful to us in many ways. We can have a better knowledge of history, art, literature and zoology than that given in books. Everyone should visit a museum some time and add to his knowledge of various subjects.

Set 3: Essay On A Visit to a Museum

A museum is a repository (place) for the collection, exhibition and study of the objects of artistic, scientific or historic interest. The museum in Jaipur situated in Sawai Gardens is housed in a big building. It is very big museum and attracts many visitors every day.

Last year, I had a chance to visit this museum. It is really a treasure house of rare articles of arts and crafts and wonderful things of the past. I saw a life size statue of Lord Buddha. It was made of stone. A few bronze statues were also there.

They were thousands of years old and speak of India’s advancement in sculpture (an art of carving).

The museum is divided into sections. One section has pottery from Pune. The other section has brass-work of Jaipur. The third section has walnut screens from Kashmir. The fourth section has fossils of some old goods excavated from Harappa.

Some coins and ornaments of those days are also displayed there. How surprising it is to find that ladies 10000 years back were in no way behind the ladies of modern time of fashion in the use of ornaments and jewellery.

Another section has arms of past days. I saw a few heavy swords. I was told that those swords were of Rana Pratap and Shivaji. I saw a few coins of the Gupta period. There are numerous paintings of Rajput warriors. These paintings give an insight into the glories of Rajasthan.

The Health section contains skeletons of men and animals. They are carefully preserved. The skeleton of a horse is very striking as it shows the working of the organs of its body.

The visit to the museum was very interesting for me. It laid bare before e my mental eye the glorious past of India and the heroic life of people of Rajasthan.

Set 4: Essay On A Visit To A Museum 500 Words

Last week our class was taken to visit a museum. We went with our history teacher, Miss Harshada. School had arranged a bus. We were asked to carry a pen, a book, and our water bottles. However, we had to leave our water bottles on the bus. It took almost two hours to reach the museum. We all were very happy and excited to learn something new from this visit.

We visited one of the important Gandhi Memorial Museums in the country called β€œMani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya’. As soon as reached, each one of us had to enter through a metal detector. It nearly took three hours to see all the things kept on display.

We came to know that Mani Bhavan was one of the few important places blessed by Mahatma Gandhi and his close associates. It was the place where Gandhiji lived from 1917 to 1934 and discussed different matters with his co-workers. Our teacher told that Gandhiji shaped the nation in the image of his important principles of truth and non-violence. He inspired his followers and believers to encourage others with a sense of service and sacrifice.

The teacher asked us to maintain discipline and silence. All were instructed to walk in a single straight queue. She further told us that Mani Bhavan is known as a Research Institute in Gandhian Thought and Rural Development. Until now, I had gathered some important facts.

Now it was time to start our actual visit. We were first taken to a library on the ground floor. The librarian informed us that the library had more than 50,000 books. The collection contained books by and on Gandhiji, his thoughts, and similar subjects.

Now we were taken to the first floor where there was an auditorium. Here films on Gandhiji were shown. Even recordings of his speeches could be played on request. The auditorium was also used for holding meetings, discussions, and various school and college competitions.

Now we were asked to walk upstairs on the second floor. The room on this floor was used by Gandhiji as his living room and working place. We learned that the room was preserved as far as possible in its original setting. Next to this room was the display of about twenty-eight tables. This display showed incidents in Gandhiji’s life through mini-figures.

We also saw a picture gallery showing the important events in Gandhiji’s life. It displayed posters describing major events and photocopies of some letters, articles, and documents written by and about Gandhiji. There were captions in Hindi and English languages. We were told that the terrace of the building was used by Gandhiji to hold his prayers and to sleep.

My wonderful visit to such an educational place was just about to end. It was time to get back on our bus. Before I entered the bus, I bought Gandhiji postage stamps and his beautiful white statue from the sales counter. Really, it was a very successful visit.

Essay On A Visit To A Museum


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