Essay on My Parents

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Essay on My Parents: Parents are the most precious gift from God, and we should give importance to our parents no matter what. Parents are the ones who support us at every stage of life and guide us in the right direction. There is no one other than the parents who take care of us truly without any condition.

Essay on My Parents (4)
Essay on My Parents

Essay on My Parents

According to my, the word ‘sacrifice’ is the synonym of parents. Parents are the most precious gift that God could have ever given to me. Just like many other children, even I am fortunate to have caring and loving parents. They love me more than their lives. They are very affectionate and caring. My father’s name is Mr. Minoo and my mother’s name is Mrs. Heera.

My parents are my first school in which I have received the basic values and morals of a good life. I have learned from them good manners, discipline, obedience, hard work, and honesty since childhood. Respect towards the poor and the needy is an important part of my nature. This quality has been imparted by my parents since I was very young. They are the guiding force of my life. They are always ready to help me out with difficulties and problems. I feel protected and secure when they are around me. They protect me from everything that can adversely affect me. They are always willing to give me good advice when I need it the most. I have always found my parents standing beside me when I need them the most.

My parents have developed my character. They have laid down the foundation of my thinking. I feel very fortunate to have parents who have always devoted their lives to make me happy and comfortable. However, they are great disciplinarians. Just like many other good and dedicated parents, my parents are selfless. They have never cared for their personal comforts and happiness. They have always sacrificed their own needs for my fulfilments and wishes.

I have an elder sister. Her name is Roxana. My parents have never made any difference between us. They love us equally. When I fall ill, they get quite tense and worried. They take leave from their jobs and take me to the doctor. They take my extra care until I am well. They stay awake all night to look after me. When something wrong is done by me, they explain to me very patiently why it is wrong. I then realize that they want me to learn good habits. They always encourage me to develop skills within myself. I have always experienced peace, prosperity, care, and love staying with them.

Every night all of us sit together after dinner and watch selected television programs. This is the time I like the most. I feel very safe when I am with them. I love my parents very much and I am aware that I and my sister are very dear to them. I thank God for giving me such loving and caring parents.

Essay on My Parents
Essay on My Parents


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