Essay on My Grandmother

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Essay on My Grandmother: Grandmother’s importance is paramount in everyone’s life. It is from the grandmother that a person gets the initial qualities of life. Mother’s love is as cold as grandmother’s love is sweet and sweet. Grandmother’s love is full of sweetness. Grandmother’s relationship is associated with the emotional feelings of her grandson or granddaughter. The love and bond between them are immense.

My Grandmother
Essay on My Grandmother

Set 1 – Essay on My Grandmother

There are quite a lot of people I admire, but the person I admire the most is my grandmother. She is an old woman. She is in her late seventies. Her name is Mrs. Deena. Her daily activities are unaffected although her age has now bent her back. This is why I admire her the most.

She is tall and thin. She has greyish hair. Her eyes are light brown. My grandmother has a friendly and welcoming personality. Her affectionate and humble face is full of wrinkles. As her vision is quite good, she can read without spectacles. She has a vast experience of life. She is very intelligent and has a lot of knowledge in various matters. She is a retired school Principal. As she has a very good command of the English language, she makes me sit with her to teach English.

Every morning she wakes up first in the house. Before we get out of our bed, she takes her bath. Immediately after the bath, she sits for her daily worship to Lord Ram and Sita Mata. She is a religious-minded woman. Her devotion to religion and God never disturbs the rest of the family. She distributes prasad to all the family members after she finishes her prayers. Every morning I eagerly wait for this moment.

I enjoy her company. She is firm and strict, but at the same time, she is kind and generous to the poor. She never scolds me. I have found that my grandmother has always sacrificed her wishes for the sake of the family. There is no generation gap between my grandmother and me. She is very understanding and is completely aware of what is going in and out of me.

My grandmother loves cooking. She enjoys baking yummy cakes. She prepares different types of pastries. She is very good at doing craftwork. She has great interest and skills in preparing woolen sweaters. Her active, caring, and hardworking nature admires me the most. Sometimes I get surprised seeing her moving quickly and easily. She keeps a close watch on all the important doings in the family.

Her endless love for me is her passion. My parents and uncle always seek her advice in most matters. Even women, young and old around the neighborhood come to her for advice. With great attention, she listens to their problems and guides them accordingly. Sometimes she shares her own experience in solving their problems. They listen to her with great respect and attention.

I love my grandmother very much. Even she loves me with her all heart. Like most aged women, she has certain orthodox beliefs and habits. However, she has a surprising quality to change with time. Many women can be a grandmother at some point of time in their lives, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be like my grandmother. I am thankful to God for such a loving grandmother.

Essay on My Grandmother
Essay on My Grandmother

Set 2 – Essay on My Grandmother

My grandmother is the most influential person in my life. She must be around 60 years old. But, she is very healthy. I have never seen her ill or taking medicines. She needs her spectacles only while reading. She always wears a simple cotton saree. She is very particular about cleanliness.

My grandmother is always cheerful. She takes care of my grandfather’s health. She always keeps herself busy. She is very fond of reading. She goes for a walk every evening with her friends. She likes to go to the temple during different festivals. All the dishes that she prepares are always tasty. She is much disciplined and always expects us to behave properly. My father always takes her advice before starting any important task.

I love my grandmother very much. She consoles me when my parents are angry with me. She appreciates when I come out with flying colors in the exams and encourages me to take part in different activities, too. She never forgets to tell me a story at bedtime. My grandmother is a very important person in our family. I love her very much.

Set 3 – Essay on My Grandmother

My grandmother is a tall and dignified lady. She has black dark hair with some silver threads in it. Her face has hardly any wrinkles. She holds herself erect and is active in her movements. She is fiftyeight years old.

She has simple and regular habits. She wakes up at six each morning. She has her bath and performs her worship. Then she spends her time in meditation and prayer.

She helps my mother in her household work. When we return from school she tells us stories. We love to hear her stories. We gather round her every evening and listen attentively to grandmother’s stories. She tells us interesting stories from Indian history as well as mythology. Sometimes we hear stories about what my father did when he was a little boy. We never know how time passes when we listen to grandmother’s stories. She is always willing to learn new things nowadays I’m teacher her computer. She takes me to my hobby class every day.

My grandmother is kind, loving and gentle. She is cheerful and happy. All of us love and respect her a great deal. We simply cannot do without her.


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