Essay On Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

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Essay On Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

A proverb consists of a short statement that is packed with wisdom. Take for example the proverb Beauty is only skin deep. This proverb means that beauty of character is far more important than physical beauty. A person might be very goodlooking but he may not be good natured.

We must not judge people by their appearance. Those who are handsome or good-looking may be selfish and unkind to others. Plain looking people may be kind and selfless.

From this we realise that character is more important than looks. The true worth of a man is known from his character. Even if he is not handsome, he must have worthwhile qualities of character. Then everyone will respect and admire him. People will despise a handsome man if he has bad qualities of character.

Finally, it is our actions or deeds that show what sort of people we are. If we do handsome or good deeds, we are really handsome. This means that our character will have a spiritual beauty worthy of admiration. It is often seen that the actions or deeds of handsome people do not match their looks. Their looks are good but their actions are not. They are unkind, selfish and inconsiderate. Plain-looking people might be very good at heart. They may work unselfishly for others, So they will be preferred to handsome people who are unkind and inconsiderate.

When we choose our Friends, we must select those whose behaviour is good and not just those who are good looking. Handsome people might not be very reliable friends especially if their character is not good. Thus we should go by deeds and not by appearance in choosing our friends.

Essay On Beauty Is Only Skin Deep


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