Essay On Swimming

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Essay On Swimming

Swimming is an ancient aquatic sport. It is the art of self-movement in water by using hands and/or feet. Swimming is observed as a sport or a recreational activity. Its main uses include lowering the body heat, relaxation, exercise as well as athletic training. Swimming done in spare time is a good way to relax. As the density of the human body is similar to that of water, bones and joins do not receive much stress. Swimming can be very effective for those patients suffering from disabilities.

Swimming gained popularity since its origin. However, in 1538, the first swimming book called ‘A Dialogue on the Art of Swimming’ was written by a German man named Nikolaus Wynmann. In 1896, swimming was included as the first modern Olympic Games played in Athens. In 1902, the world came to know about the front crawl in swimming. In 1908, the World Swimming Association was formed. Soon butterfly stroke was known. However, the stroke was not in complete use until it was accepted as a separate style. In 1964, Lillian Bonnell won the award for being the first woman to take part in a swimming competition.

Swimming is also a professional sport. Different companies across the world sponsor swimmers of international level. Cash awards and prizes are also given to the winners at major competitions.

Swimming is also important from military point of view. Military swimming is usually done to approach a location, to rescue people during crises or even during the times of marine conflict.

However, people of all ages can swim. For swimming there is no weight limit, as it is a nonweight bearing exercise. It is easy on the joints of the human body. Even people suffering from knee pain can swim without worrying about further damage to their knee. Most importantly, swimming helps in burning calories. Thus, it is a good exercise to lose weight.

There are different styles of swimming. They are known as strokes. A stroke can also refer to a single sequence of body movements repeated while swimming in the given style. Sidestroke, front stroke, dog paddle, butterfly and breaststroke are the most common strokes used while swimming. It is also possible to swim by moving only legs without arms or vice versa.

Many recreation centers contain swimming pools. Rich residential owners have their private swimming pools. Around any swimming pool, safety equipment and supervision by trained personnel for rescue is important. Swimming is also a valuable tool outside competition and recreation. Knowing how to swim can save one’s life during the times of emergencies. Besides being a recreational activity and general exercise, swimming can also help in physical treatment.

Essay On Swimming


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