Essay On We Must Take Great Care of Our Environment

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Essay On We Must Take Great Care of Our Environment

Everything, both the living organisms and the nonliving matter that surrounds us are together termed as environment. The envelope of air surrounding the earth, also known as the atmosphere is one of the important factors of environment. This atmosphere is under a great threat because every activity of man practically adds to the pollution of the air around us.

Travelling in a bus or a train compartment on a rainy day can be very tough. With the doors and windows closed it gets very stuffy inside and one just waits to get out to breathe in the fresh air. Our earth can easily be compared to a closed train compartment but with a big difference. While in a train or a bus you can either open the doors and windows or get out of the vehicle and find great relief, but in the case of the earth there is no question of any of that to get relief.

It is a fact that each and every form of pollution that plagues our earth is a direct result of man’s actions. Our atmosphere is like a protective blanket around the earth. It is this blanket that allows us to breathe and live. If this blanket is removed or destroyed, then all life on earth would come to an end.

Therefore, it is very important that all the factors threatening the atmosphere only because of the human race must soon be identified and tackled one by one. In a similar manner all the other aspects of environment that are also polluted or harmed by man alone should be dealt with immediately. Great care should then be taken by one and all to take any and every step possible to ensure that every aspect of the environment is respected and taken adequate care of.

Essay On We Must Take Great Care of Our Environment


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