Essay On Sportsmanship

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Set 1: Essay On Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship means not only taking part in sports and playing game with the set rules, but also leading a life with the same sportsman spirit displayed on the playing fields. Sportsman spirit is the behaviour and attitude considered as appropriate in sports.

A true sportsman follows all that rules in life, which he has been following in the game. A person who has achieved skills and abilities in a game but has not learned to apply the values of the sport in his life cannot be called as a true sportsman. On the other hand, a person who shows a strong sporting pirit in his life, but has not achieved much in game is still a sportsman. Usually, those who play games develop into true sportsman because of their nature formed by the training they receive in initial years.

Some of the important qualities that a true sportsman displays after defeats are discipline, joyfulness and admiration for the opponent. Respect, hustle and loyalty are very important principles for a real sportsman. Sportsmanship is always appreciated by others. Honest and fairminded play is important in sportsmanship. A side or a team is penalized if its player is found at fault. Similarly, in life one should always be fair in dealing with other people and different situations.
Some of the other important qualities that a true sportsman displays in life include passion, sincerity, morality, fairness and honesty. A true sportsman never practices unfair tricks, falsehoods and cheating. He never takes advantage of the weakness of his opponent.

He always shows respect and obedience to his team captain. He works hard to win the faith of his team members. In life too, a sportsman obeys to his seniors and elders even if he disagrees in certain matters. Thus, respect for discipline is a necessary part of sportsmanship. However, a competitor who shows poor sportsmanship after losing a game or contest is often called a ‘sore loser’.

In various games, players have to work in cooperation for their team. Only then, they may succeed in winning. A sportsman is aware of the fact that without mutual understanding, success is not possible. In the same way, in life we must always be by the side of our relatives and friends when they need us the most.

For the spirit of sportsmanship cheerfulness is required even in the times of defeats and failures. A person can develop the quality of sportsmanship only when he works with others without jealousy and fights. Working in a state of peaceful existence with others is the main demand for sportsmanship.

Essay On Sportsmanship

Set 2: Essay On Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship means team spirit. Team spirit means working in co-operation for the achievement of a common goal. Team spirit teaches the qualities of co-operation, discipline, punctuality, obedience and so on.

Achieving the goal through co-operation and disciplined efforts means sportsmanship. Achieving the goal is not the responsibility of a particular sportsman. One is to see how the goal can be achieved and not who achieves it. One must act in the right way to win a victory for the team.

Game should be played not for victory or defeat. It should be played for the sake of game. A sportsman should not lose his head in victory, nor should he feel depressed in case of defeat. He should not feel jealous of the victory of his opponent. He should rather appreciate his superior game.

A sportsman is always disciplined. Obedience to the rules of the game should be his watch-word. He should not hit his opponent below the belt. He should never use unfair means to win a victory.

Like a disciplined soldier, he should not question the decision of his captain or the umpire. Even if they be wrong, he must submit. He must maintain a balance of mind.

Sportsmanship is the greatest quality of life. It is needed in every walk of life. This world is a big playground. Life is a game and we are the players. It is with a sportsman spirit that we can face the problems of life. Otherwise, our life will be a big burden upon us. Unless we learn the art of ‘give and take’ and ‘live and let live’, we are just like beasts.

The persons who lack the sportsman spirit become intolerant,narrow minded and self-centred. They cannot work for the mankind. What is required is co-operation and respect for the views of others.


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