Essay On The Autobiography of a Retired Sailor

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Essay On The Autobiography of a Retired Sailor

You see me here sitting in an armchair by the fire. I am too old to lead an active life. If you look at me now, you will never believe that I was once a vigorous young sailor.

I joined a ship much against my parents’ wishes. I did this because I wanted to see the world. My life at sea was a very hard one. It was sometimes monotonous. For months together there would be nothing but the sky and the sea to look at.

Yet a sailor’s life can be full of adventure. It is so exciting when you are exposed to a storm in the open sea. Then the wind blows strongly against the ship. You can hear the wind as it keeps whistling. Great waves dash against the ship with great force. At times you feel as if your ship is like a paper boat that will never be able to face the lashing of the wind and the waves. Your ship is tossed about like a feather on the stormy waves. You never know when the ship will break, and you will go down. Still you feel happy and relieved when a storm is over, and you have successfully weathered it.

Another good thing in being a sailor is that you can visit practically every place in the world. You can study geography and human nature in a very interesting way.

When you are out at sea for many months you just long to be back home. There is great joy in looking forward to each home-coming. But after you have been at home for some time, you become restless again. You get sea-fever. You feel that you must go down to the sea again. And so off you go on your travels once more. Such is the life of a sailor!

Now that I am old, I can only sit and dream of all the thrills and excitement I had in the days of my youth. I imagine I am back on a ship and I feel happy again.

Essay On The Autobiography of a Retired Sailor


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