Essay On Veteran Comedian – Charlie Chaplin

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Essay On Veteran Comedian – Charlie Chaplin

The name of this of this famous personality is connected with some of the biggest celebrities of the world. Charlie Chaplin was known for his acting and film making abilities. He was a world famous
humorous character. He made his viewers not only laugh openheartedly but also think. He took over the imagination of the audiences during the silent era of cinema. He had become highly popular name in his times and continues to do so.

Charlie was born in 16th April 1889, in England. As he had become orphan in his childhood, he could not study much. He had to look for a job to earn his living. Since his childhood days, slowly he got attracted towards performing arts. At the age of 15, Charlie acted along with his brother in a humorous play. However, their parents were also well-known entertainers. Having inherited natural talent from his parents, young Charlie took to the stage as the best opportunity for a career.

Charlie made his professional debut as a member of a juvenile group called “The Eight Lancashire Lead’. He rapidly won popular favour as an outstanding tap dancer. Even his acting was liked by people. Thus, Charlie decided to make acting his profession.

In 1910, Charlie went to America along with a drama troupe. He was also given an opportunity to act in a film. Soon his first film in which he acted was released. Some of the other films in which Charlie acted were, ‘Modern Times’, ‘Limelight’ and The Great Dictator’.

When a film was made made mocking Hitler’s dictatorship during World War II, Charlie’s role in it as Hitler was much admired. However, Charlie Chaplin was not only an actor but also a composer.

Some of the famous songs composed by him are ‘Sing a Song’, There’s Always One You Can’t Forget’ With You Dear in Bombay’ to name a few.

Charlie Chaplin was one of the few comedians who not only produced his films but also financed them. He was also the author, actor, director and soundtrack composer of them as well. This great entertainer passed away on the day of Christmas in 1977 at the age of 88. He left behind a vast heritage of his entertaining works, which we keep on enjoying even today.

Essay On Veteran Comedian - Charlie Chaplin


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