Essay On The Autobiography of a River

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Essay On The Autobiography of a River

I am a broad and mighty river. I constantly flow towards the sea. My original home was in the cold snow-clad mountains. The melting snows began my flow down the mountain side in small streamlets. Then all my streamlets joined together to form a broad sheet of water. That is how I got my present form. Then started my travels over the plains. I made the plains fertile. A dam was built across me. My stomach swelled behind this dam. I was used for irrigating the dry land.

In the rainy season I am swollen and turbulent. I sometimes overflow my banks. I cause destruction and floods. People run for safety when I start spreading out and overflowing. They leave all they have, and run to save their lives. I cause heavy loss of life and property to farmers. I spoil the crop. But these things happen only when the heavy rains trouble me. Otherwise I am quite well-behaved. I keep within bounds and trouble no one.

No one can deny that I am very useful. I supply water to the fields and also for drinking and washing. Green grass and wild flowers spring up along my banks. In the evenings people sit on my banks to enjoy the coolness and the sight of my water. People also bathe in me and pray while they bathe. Thus I serve the people in different ways.

My final destination is the sea. After crossing a wide tract of land I finally empty my water in the ocean. This is the story of my life from beginning to the end.

Essay On The Autobiography of a River


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