Essay On The Indian Villages of Tomorrow

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Essay On The Indian Villages of Tomorrow

The Indian Village of tomorrow will be an ideal village. There will be small well-kept houses and villagers will be taught how to pay proper attention to cleanliness. Small and badly-ventilated huts will have disappeared.

The villages, which now have narrow dusty lanes, will have broad roads and good lighting arrangements. The green revolution will have taken place. The farmers will have bigger and better yields. Village dwellers will have all facilities for education. There will be a school in every village. Illiteracy will no longer be there.

The Indian village of tomorrow will be a place where modern farming methods are followed. The fields will be ploughed with the aid of tractors. Chemical fertilisers will increase the yield of every field. There will be not only crops but also poultry farming.

Last but not least, the villagers and farmers will be happy and prosperous. They will get a good price for their crop. They will be free from debt. They will no longer be at the mercy of the money lenders. All these changes and improvements will, I hope, be there in the Indian village of tomorrow.

There will also be co-operation and a spirit of brotherhood in the Indian village of tomorrow. It will be a very good place to live in for both men and cattle.

Essay On The Indian Villages of Tomorrow


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