Essay On An Ideal Teacher

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Set 1: Essay On An Ideal Teacher

Mrs. Sushma Saxena is my class teacher. She is a trained teacher. Her dress is simple. Her clothes are neat and clean.

She is an ideal teacher. She is courteous. She is kind and sympathetic. She never speaks harsh words. She is devoted to her work. She is honest and sincere. She is never late. She does not have her class before the period. She loves her students very much. She is always ready to solve their problems and doubts.

She has been serving the school faithfully since 1996. Her result has been excellent. She is the incharge of the school library. She had been a good speaker in her school days, so she has created an interest for debates among the students. She has taught the students that health is wealth and so they should take part in sports.

She is very regular and punctual. She is against too many holidays. She never takes casual leave or sick leave. Sunday finds her working as well as Monday or Tuesday. She is disciplined minded. She maintains perfect discipline in the class. Outside the class room, she mixes with us but in the class, she stands on dignity.

She seldom rebukes, admonishes or punishes us. She likes to rule by love and not by rod. If a boy does not work properly or misbehaves, she does not fine or beat him. She advises him to be a good boy and at once contacts the parents of the boy. She advises us to be self reliant.

She never does anything halfheartedly. She spares no pains to inculcate in her students the habit of industry and honest work.

Essay On An Ideal Teacher

Set 2: Essay On An Ideal Teacher

A teacher is regarded as the builder of the nation. She not only has an expertise in the subject but also is able to explain concepts well through active learning techniques. Each teacher has a different style and method of teaching. One can say that she is an architect who guides students not only in academics, but also in other aspects of life.

An ideal teacher is a role model, councillor, guide and disciplinarian. She plays all these roles. As she spends many hours of the day with students, her actions, behaviour and advices can mould her students into good citizens. An ideal teacher has all the qualities that a good teacher is expected to have. Under her training, supervision and guidance, even the weakest students show improvement.

An ideal teacher inspires us and makes us mentally healthy, kind-hearted and active person. She provides us the tools we need to succeed and leave our mark on the world. She is a woman of principles. She takes deep interest in making students understand the subject. She is a person of calm temper. She is a great blend of kindness and strictness. She is genteel and kind-hearted. She is firm and never tolerates indiscipline. She has great knowledge of her subject. She is always ready to help her students who are in difficulty.

She brings us out from the darkness of illiteracy to the enlightenment of wisdom by shaping us into better individuals. She quenches our thirst for knowledge and shapes our thoughts. A teacher is like a God and always wants her students to achieve the best in life, no matter how mischievous they are. Thus, her value in student’s life cannot be measured.

Her voice is clear and loud. What she says is clearly heard. She is punctual, neatly dressed and disciplined. She encourages the class to take part in healthy discussions relating to the subject. This helps in increasing the interest towards the subject. An ideal teacher never loses her patients with those students who are slow in grasping their studies.

She does not merely read from the book. She narrates interesting stories relating to the subject. Sometimes she even conducts quizzes and other educational games in the class. This helps the students in developing curiosity towards the subject.

An ideal teacher becomes a real example to follow. Students are inspired by her to reach the zenith of success in the days to come. An ideal teacher is admired by all and many hope to be like her when they grow.


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