Essay On Honesty Is the Best Policy

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Set 1: Essay On Honesty Is the Best Policy

Honesty is a rare commodity in the world today. Most people prefer the easy way. out which sometimes deviates from the path of honesty, for to be completely honest means facing hardships and obstacles.

Nothing succeeds like success, and many people believe it is the “end result’ that matters-not the means. Therefore, even if you acquire success, money, position and respect by being just a little out of line-it doesn’t really matter much.

But remember-anything acquired by incorrect and dishonest’ means will never last-what will sustain is honesty, and work done honestly.

In the world of today, honesty is regarded as a hindrance in achieving success rapidly. It may appear that the ‘smooth, worker’ who knows exactly how to manipulate gets ahead, while the honest not so cunning person gets left way behind-but it’s like the old tale of the tortoise and the rabbit. Slow and steady and honestywins the race.

In the end, it’s not what others judge you by that counts- it’s what you judge yourself as. It’s how you feel about your actions and deeds-if you are one with them and feel you have achieved your goal HONESTLY-that’s all that matters.

Essay On Honesty Is the Best Policy

Set 2: Essay On Honesty Is the Best Policy

To be honest one has to be true in word and deed. An honest person tells the truth. He is just in what he thinks. He will never think of cheating anybody else. He always keeps the promises he makes.

We see a lot of dishonesty around us. We see people who are dishonest quite happy after doing dishonest acts such as telling lies, cheating, stealing and being unjust. But as soon as their acts are miserable.

discovered they get punished and become In school also we see the same thing. When a boy steals his friend’s new watch he is happy. But as soon as the teacher finds out and punishes him, and he cries and becomes very sad. A friend of mine once got zero out of ten in a spelling test. He quietly put a one before the zero. The teacher saw it the next day and called for his parents.

Everybody was very angry with him for his dishonesty. He was very sorry for cheating. Being dishonest may make a person happy for a short while. But he is afraid inside. He is afraid of being caught. Truth never stays hidden for long. It comes out one way or another and dishonesty gets punished.

An honest person has nothing to fear. He never tells lies. He is respected and loved by all. Dishonesty brings it with unhappiness and loneliness. Honesty is therefore the best policy and we should all be honest and be happy always.

Set 3: Essay On Honesty Is the Best Policy

Generally, people say that honesty is the best policy. It means if we want to succeed in life we should be honest and straightforward. Nothing succeeds like honesty in life. It is possible that dishonesty may be successful for some time, but in the long run honesty is sure to succeed.

This can be seen if we consider the cases of students and businessmen. The student who tries to copy in the examination hall may get some more marks than he would have otherwise got. But he learns a lesson to neglect honest work and in the long run, he is sure to suffer the consequences of dishonesty, as he will find himself below the standard.

Let us examine the case of a student who tries to use foul means in the examination hall and is caught red handed by the invigilator. The least punishment he gets is that the paper is snatched from him and he is asked to promise not to copy again. When he reaches home, he gets rebuke from his father and mother. In the company of his friends, he is put to shame. When he goes to his class for his daily lessons, he is hated by the teacher and the principal. For a single act of dishonest deed, he finds the whole of the little world against him. He comes to repentance. But it is too late.

If a businessman is found to be dishonest even in a single transaction, people try to avoid him. His sales goes down. People refuse to believe him even when his prices are the least. He loses his customers and goodwill. There are only two courses open to him, either to wind up the business or to be honest.

The effect of dishonesty is much the same in the case of clerks, teachers, government servants and others. It is possible that a man may become rich by adopting dishonest means. But he generally squanders the money. He again adopts dishonest means to earn more.. In this way, his whole life become a vicious circle.

It is necessary for us to be honest if we want to succeed in life. Dishonesty leads to failure. A dishonest person is bound to fall in the long run. Without hard work and honesty none has succeeded in the world so far.

Set 4: Essay On Honesty Is the Best Policy

Honesty is a virtue and all religions preach honesty. It is truly the best policy. Honesty is the foundation of any trustworthy and wellworking relationship. Whether it is with parents, relatives, friends or anyone else, being honest is very important. No relationship can be successful without trust, which is gained by remaining honest.

It is believed that we should always tell the truth because by speaking truth we do not have to remember what we said. Honesty is the best policy because no matter how good we are at telling lies, the truth will always come out. At some point of time, we might find ourselve in a situation that requires us to tell lies to avoid trouble. For some people, being honest is not that easy. Such people might find themselves lying almost every day.

Honest people are always brave. They are respected and trusted by all. This is because they are known for their quality to stand by the truth. Without honesty, the world would be a bad and sad place to live in. People who continuously bluff do not respect others. They not only lose their friends but also their reputation since no one likes associating with dishonest people. One must always speak truth. In this way, we will lead a good, respectable and moral life. Some of the dishonest acts in which people willingly involve are cheating, corruption, robbing, etc. If all of us can stay away from such acts, the world would be a better place where all will live in harmony and trust with each other.

Honesty is an important quality that we all should aim to have. It helps to guide us in the right direction in life. It helps us to avoid unlawful and immoral activities. An honest person is of good character and has a clear conscience. He lives a satisfied and happy life. The character of such a person is dignified and graceful. Being dishonest not only makes us look bad to other people but also affects our self-confidence. People should understand that by lying, we may achieve what we want but our actions will always disturb us.

An honest person always obeys the laws and thus, he is free from serious troubles. It is advisable in living an honest life. We must stand up for what is right and never accept anything less and unfair. We must always keep in mind that we are solely liable for our actions and words. By being honest, everything will turn out well for us. We will realize that truly, ‘Honesty is the Best Policy’.


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