Essay On Habits

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Set 1: Essay On Habits

All of us have habits. Anything that is done repeatedly becomes a habit. Once we get into a habit we do a thing without thinking about it. Habits may be good or bad. Rising early, working hard, being punctual are good habits. Gambling, swearing, lying, using bad language, drinking, stealing and quarrelling are bad habits.

It is necessary to cultivate good habits and avoid bad ones. There is a saying that habits are at first cobwebs but after wards cables. This shows that habits might be weak at first, but, once they become strong, they are difficult to break. Hence we should try to acquire only good habits.

Everyone respects a man who has good habits. Good habits help one to succeed in life. A person with bad habits is despised and mocked at. Childhood is the right time to instill good habits in children. If a child grows up with bad habits no one can make him undo them when he grows up. Hence parents should be careful to see that children have only good habits.

Set 2: Essay On Good Habits

Habit means how we behave generally. Good habits are not in born. We may have good habits by practicing kindness and courtesy.

They are important in our life. They win everybody’s love and respect. No one likes a child with bad habits. To stand in a queue, not to damage the public property, to use thank you and sorry, to wish the elders, to use a handkerchief and the table manners are all good habits and should be taught to all children. Good habits may be taught at home or even in the school. We may say that good 80 habits are must for every child.

Essay On Habits


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