Essay On The Uses of Electricity

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Essay On The Uses of Electricity

Electricity is a wonder of modern science. It is very useful to us both inside the house and outside it. Electricity is useful inside every modern home. Its simplest use is in the form of lights and fans. We also use an electric door bell, an electric iron and an electric stove and oven for cooking. Our food remains fresh because it is kept in a refrigerator an electrical device.

Our clothes can be washed by a washing machine which also runs on electricity. An electric mixer can be used to prepare “lassi” fruit juices and ‘chutneys’. If we want to entertain ourselves, we can turn on the radio or television set, which both depend on electricity.

When we step out of our house, we can use a lift to take us downstairs. We can travel by trams and electric trains that go at an amazing speed. In an office, we can control the heat by using an airconditioner.

If we see a movie, we also make use of electricity there. So we realise that electricity has many and varied uses. We just cannot do without it.

Essay On The Uses of Electricity


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