Essay On A Visit to an Aerodrome

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Essay On A Visit to an Aerodrome

I once visited the aerodrome at Santacruz. It was a busy and interesting place. Many people were there. Not all of them were air travellers. Some had come to see someone off. Others had come to receive their friends. So there was quite a big crowd at the airport.

My uncle was to leave for Delhi that day. We had to buy a special ticket to enter the lobby. He went off to undergo his security checking. My cousin and | wandered about the place. There were several people in the spacious waiting room. The sofas and chairs were very comfortable. The airport had a good bookstall where newspapers, books and magazines were available. It also had excellent restaurants.

Just then we saw Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. My cousin and I rushed to them for an autograph. They were very friendly and gave us their autograph. We were very happy and thrilled to see them.

Soon we heard a loud humming noise. A plane was about to land. We watched it carefully. It moved in large circles and finally landed on the ground. It looked like a big noisy bird. The door of the plane opened. All the passengers filed out. The air hostess and pilot looked very smart in their uniforms.

Some passengers were due to leave by the next plane. They were surrounded by their friends and well wishers. Some of them were garlanded by their friends.

The passengers were asked to board the plane. When they were all in, the door was shut. The engine was started. The plane moved slowly along the ground. It taxied on to the runway, and gathered

speed increasingly. At last it lifted itself off the ground. It rose into the air and soon disappeared from sight. My cousin and I returned home.

Essay On A Visit to an Aerodrome
Essay On A Visit to an Aerodrome


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