Essay On Friends and Friendship

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Essay On Friends and Friendship

Man has slowly and gradually grown into a social being. This is what has been the result of man becoming a civilised being. Man has feelings and these feelings bring him closer to one another they need companionship and communion. Talking and laughing are qualities which only man possesses. But for these actions man needs some company to talk to, laugh with. Men of the same taste, of the same temper began coming closer and this resulted in the concept of friends and friendship. ‘Birds of the same feather flock together’ this is how the – saying goes and this is the basis and the background of friends and friendship. Those who are of similar tastes come closer and become companions.

Friendship is a nice thing in social life. But it would be nicer of this continues throughout life. That is what, sometimes, does not happen. It is not always necessary that when a group, on whatever basis it gets formed, shall continue to remain adjusted and adjoined. Men are generally selfish and self-centred. And as soon as the self-interest of one comes in conflict with the other, even long-standing friendships break away and groups disintegrate.

Therefore friendship is a difficult venture and can only remain in tact when friends are prepared to sacrifice their self-interest for the sake of others; when they are prepared to serve others even risking one’s own safety and interest. This needs a strong will power and a sense of sacrifice which is a very rare quality among people.

A friend in need is a friend indeed this is how the saying about friendship goes. Real friendship is tested only during the period of distress and crisis. When we are faced with difficulty and are at the edge of disaster then is the true test of a real friend. If one comes to render help in this hour even at his personal risk then would it be that one would be the real friend. Otherwise, what is generally seen that so long as one is in a state of prosperity and pelf there would be many who would gather around the enjoy but the moment distress falls, slowly and gradually most of them walk away. Such are known as ‘fair-weather’ friends.

Therefore, great care has to be taken in choosing friends. Even a fake test can put a friend on trial that is what may be done.

It is not always necessary that friendship may grow only among people of equal status. Lord Krishna, the King of Dwarka could have a close friend in a poor pauper Sudama. That is a great example of real friendship. Real friendship is that which is sustained and continued in all times and in all circumstances. This is what is found difficult but is the most desired

Essay On Friends and Friendship


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