Essay On We Must Necessarily Eat Vegetables

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Essay On We Must Necessarily Eat Vegetables

Elephants, hippopotomuses, giraffes, zebras, rabbits are all herbivorous animals and are always seen to be full of life and enjoying good health. This indicates that vegetarian food is very wholesome and complete.

is a fact that food got from plants be it the form of fruits, flowers, leaves, stems, roots or shoots of plants, form food in the freshest possible form. This is because plants prepare the food directly without any go in between. Any form of meat is a secondary form of food in a sense. Here herbivorous animals that ate plants are eaten by man thereby loosing the full value of the freshness of the direct food eaten by the killed animal.

All forms of food got from plants form the best sources of food and of these the most important are vegetables because they are had in the freshest form. Most vegetables are used the very same day that they are harvested and hence the greater value attached to them. Besides vegetables provides for the body all the minerals and vitamins that the body requires for the proper nourishment of the human body.

Other plant products such as cereals, fruits, spices etc. are had much after they are harvested or even in their desiccated forms thereby loosing out on some of their nutritive value. Vegetables are therefore, the best form of food by far and should form a large portion of every persons regular diet.

Essay On We Must Necessarily Eat Vegetables


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