Essay On Time is Precious

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Essay On Time is Precious

Time it is said is the only real possession a man has. Every person has a certain limited time to spend on the earth. Every minute that he or she lives takes away from his/her amount of time allotted for him/her to live.

It is time that rules every thing that happens on the earth, the solar system, in fact the whole universe, Everything is born or started in time and dies or ends in time. Every hour lived in list forever. Time cannot be recycled or relived.

It is said among elders who work and earn money, that time is money. In fact time is much more precious than money. No amount of money can buy time or make up or call back lost time. Time is every changing. Change is the law of nature. Man’s life is very short and each man has a lot to do on earth.

Since time waits for no one, we should do everything in a well planned manner. In everything due care has to be taken to see that no time is wasted. Great men and women used their time most profitably and economically. Of them it can be said that their time was well spent. We too must make constant efforts to have great respect for time and use it meaningfully doing constructive works and living fully.

Essay On Time is Precious


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