Essay On God Gifts A True Friend

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Essay On God Gifts A True Friend

I have many friends. Of all my friends, my best friend is Ritesh. He has been my childhood friend. I call him Ritu. He is of my age. We spend a lot of very happy time together each day whenever we can.

We are students of the same school and study in the same class but in different divisions. He is very clever but very humble. He helps me often with my mathematics homework and at times I help him out in English.

Every evening we play together either football or hockey. We then do our home-work. After homework we sometimes play chess too. We never play for much time as we both want to improve in our studies. While Ritu gets the second or third rank 1 stand either fifth or sixth.

On Sundays and Thursdays which are our regular weekly holidays and on other holidays, we spend a lot more time together. Both of us are nature lovers as none of my other friends are. On such days we go into the jungle for walks. We go in and enjoy the peace, quiet and the singing of the birds. We sit and watch and listen and learn a lot about nature.

Both of our parents are very happy with our friendship. Very often Ritu is invited to share a meal in my house. Many times Ritu’s parents also invite me to dine with them. Our friendship is ten years old and we are inseparable. If ever I go anywhere alone people ask me where Ritu is because everybody thinks we are twin brothers. A friend like Ritu is a gift of God and I pray that this friendship never ever breaks.

Essay On God Gifts A True Friend


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