Essay On Alcoholism – Its Causes And Preventive Measures

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Essay On Alcoholism – Its Causes And Preventive Measures

Alcoholism is a medical condition caused by drinking too much alcohol regularly. Explaining the term ‘alcoholism’is different from society to society. Alcoholism involves too much intake of alcohol, which in turn leads to social and health related problems. Numerous health organizations have defined the addiction of alcohol as a bodily habit that results in increase in the quantity of alcohol consumption. However, a person who is completely helpless without alcohol is mentally suffering from Alcohol Dependency Disorder.

Addiction to alcohol is a partial suicide. Some people have an inborn anxious behavior that leads to frequent alcohol drinking. Being without a job is an important cause of alcoholism. A person may also drink to reduce fatigue caused from work. One may also use alcohol as a kind of help to manage anxiety and stress. Slowly, he may become alcoholic. Illiteracy is another major factor that contributes to alcoholism. Usually, there is a belief that consumption of alcohol provides energy and strength. Most men involved in laborious job are always under the impression that alcohol increases their physicality with which they can perform their hard job. Person’s low level of tolerance, frustration, emotional immaturity, many worries and inherent nervous failings contribute to make him a drunkard.

Excessive drinkingcanreduce person’s decisionmaking skills and lower self-consciousness. This leads to poor choices and dangerous situations or behaviours, such as vehicle accidents and other types of accidents, domestic problems, poor performance at work and increased likelihood of committing crimes. Moreover, heavy and regular drinking can cause liver disease, digestive problems, heart problems, neurological problems, diabetes complications, eye problems, birth defects, weakened immune system and increased risk of cancer.

According to some doctors, the most likely reason for a person to drink is adverse home environment, low family status and anti-social behavior of elders. Certain physiological characteristics that appear common in most drunkards include low self-esteem, sense of isolation, guilt, over-dependency and inability to express anger freely. Those who become alcoholic realize that they can adjust successfully in their lives. Individual’s incapability to face and fight through unfriendly situations forces him to use alcohol for escaping from the realism.

Consumption of alcohol and getting addicted to it can be surely prevented. Advertisements relating to alcohol should be stopped. Educating and spreading awareness among the youth along with the adults about the hazards of alcohol is the first step. Alcohol is the most accepted drink on many occasions. Encouraging non-alcoholic drinks can have wide-ranging benefits. Entertaining activities can help youngsters to keep themselves away from alcohol not only by keeping them physically busy but also by directing their minds into healthy habits.

Essay On Alcoholism - Its Causes And Preventive Measures


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