Essay On The Autobiography of a Football

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Essay On The Autobiography of a Football

It is my sad fate to be kicked about on a sports field. If I am not being kicked, I am locked up in a dark cupboard until it is time for the next match. I belong to a famous Sports Club. I have won several matches for the teams that belong to this club. They have a large collection of trophies that they have won with my help.

At every match I am the center of attention. Every eye is fixed on me. All the people follow my movements across the sports field. Each side struggles and strives to gain possession of me and shoot me through the opposition’s goal post.

Recently you should have seen what a tussle there was for me in the Semi-Finals and Finals of the Rover’s Cup Matches. I provide much entertainment and excitement for the spectators. Some players leap in the air to catch me. Sometimes there is such a scramble for me that I find it difficult to take a single step. In spite of opposition I manage to slip through a goal post. Then you could hear the crowd shouting and cheering. I feel very arrogant then.

Most of the time people feel happy because I am made to suffer by being kicked about. How strange it is that people should take, delight in the suffering of others’. But such is human nature and there is nothing we can do about it. I must patiently put up with the blows and kicks of skillful football players as long as I live.

Essay On The Autobiography of a Football


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