Essay On Alcoholism Among Women

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Essay On Alcoholism Among Women

In many societies, drinking is less accepted for women compared to men. Drunken women are more disgraced and ill respected because of the partial or total non-acceptance of alcoholism among them. Many women are very sensitive by nature. They can easily be attracted to alcohol. It is said that most of the women are secretive drinkers. The practice of drinking among women is taken up by them during early thirties or in later years of their lives. Compared to men, the change from restricted to unrestrained drinking is faster among women.

Women who drink take adaptive features from their elders, especially, their fathers to escape and break free from stress and mental strain. It is expected that around 10% of female drinkers have mothers who have the habit to consume alcohol. Insufficiency and anxiety developed in early life encourages some female to drink.

Women, who have the habit to drink, usually withdraw from their feminine roles in society. They behave more manly compared to those women who never drink. Women who drink are defenceless and weak than men in case of several opposing conditions. More quantity of alcohol in the blood makes women more weakened than men after drinking equal quantities.

The effects of alcohol are stronger in women than in men. Women who drink too much alcohol are more likely to suffer from significant health problems. Study shows that women are at more risk to alcohol-related organ injury and social violence. Such women suffer from stress and relational problems. They develop liver disease over a shorter period. Their brain can be damaged due to long term consumption. Too much alcohol consumption clearly has risks for both men and women. However, health risks to women who drink alcohol include cancer, brain damage, pregnancy complications, victimization of acts of violence, depression and personal injury. In addition, alcohol can contribute to depression, sleeping problems, heart failure and poor nutrition in women, especially older women.

Compared to heavy drinkers, women consuming one or two alcoholic drinks per day have a lower death rate from heart disease. Many studies show that moderate to heavy alcohol intake increases the risk for breast cancer. It is also found that there is no risk of breast cancer related with consumption of up to one drink per day.

Alcoholism is common among women who are separated from their husbands. There are certain measures with regard to the reduction of alcohol consumption among females. The strength of liquor produced must be decreased. The number of liquor shops both in rural and urban areas must be reduced. Besides this, liquor shops should remain close for an increasing number of days per week. Importance must be given to the closure of liquor shops around industrial and working areas.

Essay On Alcoholism Among Women


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