Essay On The Autobiography of a Shoe

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Set 1: Essay On The Autobiography of a Shoe

You see me here lying helpless and miserable in a dust-bin. As I lie here waiting to be picked up and discarded by the municipal van, I would like to tell you the story of my life.

You’ll never guess how I started my life. Once | was on the back of a cow that grazed happily in the fields. In a few years, the cow died. I was removed from the back of the cow and taken to a tannery.

At the tannery, I was cleaned, beaten till I was smooth and sent to a leather factory. Here I was cut and shaped and stitched into a beautiful shoe. I had a twin brother who looked exactly like me. I really cannot say where he is now.

From the factory we went into a fashionable store. We were displayed in a shop window. We caught the attention of a rich man’s son. He was a young college boy. He walked into the store and bought me for four hundred rupees.

He carried me home in a box. He wore me with great pride. He looked after me well. He got the shoeshine boy to polish me daily. He wore me for about two months. Then the fashion in shoes changed. My young master grew tired of me. He brought himself a new pair of shoes of the latest design.

He threw me into a corner. He kicked me around. He did not mind hurting me though I had given him good service. One day his younger brother in a fit of temper threw me out. The sweeper picked me up and deposited me in this dust-bin. So my short life has come to an end. Sad and miserable l await my turn to be thrown on a municipal dump-heap.

Set 2: Essay On The Autobiography of a Shoe

When I was new, I was a pair of beautiful shoes. I had a shiny surface and a soft leather body. When I was displayed in a shop window, all the passers by always took a glance at me, because of my shiny appearance and my different style attracted people’s eyes. I was proud of my unique style.

One day, a young gentleman walked into the shop. This gentleman walked straight towards me, he pointed at me and asked a shop assistant to take me off the display shelf. He put me on his feet and the size exactly fitted him. When I saw him grinning with delight, I knew he would be my owner. I looked forward to my new life with him.
Since my owner bought me, he always chose me to wear to his important functions. The first time I was worn by my owner was when he went to a cocktail party but he got drunk. When he walked home, he suddenly felt sick and vomited all he had eaten.

It was too late to dodge the dirty things and my body was all covered with his vomit, it was disgusting. Also my owner felt I was dirty and he left me in the garage. After a few days, I thought he had forgotten about me and my body started to grow mould. I was very sad that my owner treated me so badly. My shiny appearance was gradually discoloring. My awful appearance also attracted other fans. A tricky mouse was interested in my shoelaces. It came day by day and nibbled it. Also cockroaches appreciated my soft leather body. They made nests inside the shoes and started their family. I was devastated.

Finally, one day, my owner came into the garage to look for something. He found me lying in the corner of the garage. I felt my hope was regained. My life would return. Actually he did notice me, he did take me to cleanup, but he didn’t appreciate my old appearance. Since then, he has never worn me again to a party and I became his working shoes.

One day, he wore me to the garden to mow the grass. The mower machine was roaring aggressively, it looked as if it would eat up everything. I tried to avoid touching the mower, in case I got hurt. My owner looked very rushed. Unfortunately, his foot was trapped in the mower. The sharp blades quickly peeled my skin off. Luckily I protected my owner’s foot so he didn’t get hurt. But I got a big injury; I was ruined by the sharp blades. I totally became a worn out old shoe. At that moment, through my mind flashed the thought that, once I was a beautiful a pair of shoes displayed in a shop window, once I attracted all the passers-by who glanced at me. But now I would be ending my insipid life in the rubbish bin.

Essay On The Autobiography of a Shoe


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