Essay On The Autobiography of a Gold Necklace

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Essay On The Autobiography of a Gold Necklace

I am a beautiful gold necklace made of 22 carat gold. I have been set with valuable diamonds. I have been made in a lovely design.

My home was in the deep earth. I was hidden there in the form of gold ore. One day miners came and dug me up. They threw me into a smelting furnace. Here all impurity melted away, and I became a lump of pure gold. I was poured into a mould and became a gold bar.

A goldsmith purchased me. He fashioned me into a delicate necklace fit for a lady. He was a skillful craftsman. He displayed me with great pride in his shop window.

A wealthy merchant passed that way. I immediately caught his eye. He entered the jeweller’s shop. He bought me for ten thousand rupees. He took me home to present to his daughter on her wedding day.

The wedding day dawned. The beautiful bride got ready. She decked herself out in a rich sari. Then she hung me about her neck. Everyone gave a gasp of wonder. They had never seen anything so wonderful as me. All the guests at the wedding admired and praised me I felt very proud of myself. It was my moment of glory.

The next day, I was in for a shock. My mistress removed me and handed me over to her husband. Her husband drove to the safe-deposit vault of his bank. There he deposited me in his locker. You see he thought I was too precious to be kept at home. So now I have to remain a prisoner in this dark locker. I see the light of day only occasionally. My mistress wears me on rare occasions at weddings and festivals. I am doomed to spend most of my time in this dark place. What a pity it is that my beauty should be wasted in this locker!

Essay On The Autobiography of a Gold Necklace


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