Essay On Value to Discipline

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Set 1: Essay On Value to Discipline

Discipline is the most indispensable quality of life. It is really an important part of our character. Discipline means learning a code of conduct. It plays an important role in school, family, office, military and even in nature. A disciplined person is liked and loved by all. He gets everybody’s admiration too. The life of the great personalities like Gandhi ji and Nehru ji are good example of disciplined life. It is only a disciplined person who is admired in the society.

Essay On Value to Discipline

Set 2: Essay On Value of Discipline

Discipline may be defined as control over one’s whims and fancies, impulses and desires. Discipline requires a voluntary obedience to fixed codes of behaviour. Discipline puts restrictions on one’s freedom and action. It is essential because if there is no discipline there will be complete confusion.

Discipline is absolutely necessary in a civilized society. It is the breath and spirit of civilized life. Discipline is necessary for people in all walks of life. Students studying in educational institutions, defence, personnel working in the armed forces, workers employed in factories, must have discipline. It is discipline which enables a nation to march on the road of progress and prosperity. An efficient army is one which is perfectly disciplined. The soldiers are not to reason why but to do and die.

Discipline is of almost importance in schools and colleges. It is regrettable that our educational institutions have become hot beds of student unrest. The object of N.C.C. and National Discipline Scheme was to make the students disciplined. Decline of discipline in educational institutions has led to a fall in educational standards. It is not possible to impart education effectively if there is no discipline.

Workers in government offices shirk work and discipline has become lax in most departments of the government. There is a need of discipline in social and political life of the country. It is important to maintain law and order in the society.

We must have discipline even at home. Children must be disciplined when they are under the guardianship of their parents. Similarly, parents themselves should keep discipline. Thus, without discipline, nothing is possible anywhere on the earth.


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